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FrOm ThE DESK OF YOUng TALEnT LIZ rICharDS liz riCHarDs CEO MHEDA @MHEDAOffice Infusing Young Talent into the Industry I am guilty of eavesdropping. The other day, while I was at the hair salon, I overheard a conversation between one of the stylists and her client. The conversation really bothered me and it went something like this. "The younger generation has no manners or sense of responsibility." "I agree. That's why they are called the 'entitlement' generation. They think they should be handed everything, don't want to put in a full day's work and expect to be rewarded for the bare minimum." "That's exactly how they behave. And, they don't know how to be courteous." And the conversation went on and on and on. They were seated right across from me and it took every ounce of willpower for me to bite my tongue. I was especially irritated by this generalization since I had just returned from MHEDA's Convention and was incredibly impressed with the students who joined us at our Convention this year (and in previous years). The students and young people we have encountered could not have been more different from what these two women were describing. For those of you who attended the Convention, you know how passionate we are about encouraging young people to look to our industry when considering a career path. As we have often called it, "hidden in plain sight," many students aren't aware we exist let alone realize the rewarding opportunities that this industry provides. Four different universities were represented at Convention this year including Texas A&M, University of Nebraska at Kearny, Purdue and East Carolina University. We welcomed two students and one faculty member from each school and then funded an additional busload of 28 students from ECU to attend the Monday program. All the students were paired with members who had the opportunity to serve as "guides" while they experienced their first MHEDA Convention and learned more about who we are and what we do as an industry. All of them, every single one, came over to me and thanked me for the opportunity. The students who attended the entire Convention wrote me personalized notes just days after the event to thank MHEDA for the experience. Our goal with this program is to infuse young talent into our industry. One of the Purdue students who attended the 2015 Convention was just hired by Scott Lee, MHEDA's 2016 Chairman and President of Conveyor Solutions. I'd say that's a great testimonial to the kind of character these young people bring to the table! As you are probably aware, MHEDA is also a co-sponsor of Classroom Day during the ProMat and MODEX shows. At Classroom Day, we welcome close to 250 students to the show for a day of learning and touring the show floor with the goal of getting them interested in the material handling industry. These bright, eager, young adults are equally as grateful and make a point of thanking those of us involved for this exceptional experience. And for those of you who have served as guides and designated exhibitors at the shows and MHEDA's Convention, thank you!! One other initiative we are currently working on is to develop curriculum to certify entry level forklift technicians at the high school and community college level. The initiative is still in the early stages and when the call for volunteers went out at the Convention for "subject matter experts" to help with the program, many of you raised your hand. Thank you for that as well! If you want to learn more about this program and the plans we have in place, please contact me. We welcome your involvement. Workforce development continues to be a focus for MHEDA and from the exposure I have had with the students with whom we've encountered, the future looks bright! As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Please contact me anytime at the MHEDA office or email: The MHEDA Journal | Third Quar ter 2 016 13

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