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EmErgINg BRAnD MAnAgEMEnT LEaDErS Building and Protecting Your Personal Brand in an Online World What do people find when they 'Google' you and who controls the message? y BY SAM RICHTER ou've spent your entire working career carefully crafting and protecting your reputation. You're honest with suppliers and work exceptionally hard to exceed your clients' expectations. You are transparent, operate with integrity, and treat everyone with respect. Your references rave about what a great person you are. And then you open a Facebook account. From any mobile device, anywhere, at any time you can share what's on your mind. Were you out with your buddies EmErging LEadErs ConfErEnCE spEakEr 2016 Emerging nce Leaders Confere ss rsonal Succe essional & Pe s crets for Prof al Se g on in si ck es lo of Un Young Pr nce for A Confere andling H l town Hotel ia er at icago Down in M naissance Ch 16 July 28, 20 76 Re MHEDA | and heard a great joke? Share it with your friends! Have you received poor service at a new restaurant? Gripe about it and let the world know! Do you agree with the latest rant by Rush Limbaugh? Share it with your online colleagues! And guess what? The reputation and image you've spent your entire career building have vanished. Instantly. That great joke about the rabbi, the priest, and the Irish guy wasn't well received by your Jewish client, your Catholic board member, and your Irish coworker. Although your friends appreciated knowing about the restaurant's poor service, the angry restaurant owners pulled their sponsorship of the nonprofit where you serve on the board. And sure, your political views are certainly your own business except for the fact that your best client doesn't agree and has now decided to give his business to your competitor. Web 2.0 has literally taken the world by storm, and it's dramatically different from its predecessor. Web 1.0 is defined as one-way communication: A company creates a website to share information; a search engine directs people to the information they seek. Web 2.0 provides two-way communications that allow individuals to interact, often in real time, over the Internet. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, microblogs, Skype, texting, digital photography, YouTube and other technologies allow us to communicate in ways previously unimaginable. With mobile devices, we can broadcast when something occurs. The great benefit of Web 2.0 is that anyone can publish information for a worldwide audience. The great danger of Web 2.0 is that anyone can publish information for a worldwide audience. Web 2.0 is dangerous not simply because you can share information and distribute it on a global scale without the benefit of an editor. The compounding problem is that what you say online can be archived and made searchable, available for anyone to find...forever. This means that one online mistake can theoretically come back to haunt you for the rest of your life. That's not hyperbole. Remember Tiger Woods, General David Patraeus, and Michael Phelps -just to name a few? They tarnished their reputations with statements and actions that were captured or disseminated in digital form. Think it can't happen to you? Think again. There are countless examples

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The MHEDA Journal - Third Quarter, 2016