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mhEDa FORkLIF T MAnAgEMEnT COnFEREnCE EDuCaTION Forklift Dealership Management Conference BY STEVE GUGLIELMO AND BILL RYAN F or the first time this year, MHEDA is proud to announce the Forklift Dealership Management Conference. This one-and-a-half day event will take place September 21 and 22 at the Crown Plaza Chicago O'Hare in Rosemont, Illinois. As the next generation prepares to transition into management roles within your dealership, they will need operational training. This conference is designed to be an introduction on how to run a successful forklift dealership. The impressive lineup of speakers and events will help provide industry-specific insight into how to run a successful dealership. The MHEDA Journal had the opportunity to speak with MHEDA Board Member and President of LiftOne, Bill Ryan about the upcoming conference. Bill was one of the driving forces behind the event and was able to give some background information into how it came together, what attendees should expect and where he'd like to see the program go from here. The MHEDA Journal: What was the inspiration for this workshop? Bill Ryan: The idea came out of a MHEDA Education Committee planning session last fall. Every year, we sort over all of the data we have from our board meetings and our other industry connections and we try to offer programs to our members based upon the feedback we get from our surveys etc. For the past four or five years, the topics of "Succession planning" 90 MHEDA | and "Preparing for the future" have come up big in these surveys. This year was no different, but this year the "new thought" was: "Hey, how are the forklift dealers of the future getting ready to take on their new roles and responsibilities? And what is that future going to look like for them?" And we thought: "There is our program." TMJ: You have some industry icons scheduled to take part in this project. BR: That is correct, Steve. As this project started to take shape, we asked ourselves who would be the most credible and highly respected voices to convey these principles? We wanted leaders who had a real passion for the business and who could speak with great clarity and wisdom backed up by their long-standing and terrific track records. We called them up, told them what we were thinking about doing and asked them if they'd like to be involved and to a person, after a few great questions they all said "I'm in!" TMJ: This is a really impressive list of presenters. Tell us about them and how you got them to sign on? BR: Well, as I said when I went through my V-Cards and contacted these leaders, there wasn't much I had to say or do to convince them to want to be part of this project. These guys are recognized leaders who care a lot about our industry and I have known them and their passion for helping our industry grow and become better and stronger for many years. Greg Morrison is a legacy; his family and Morrison Equipment has been recognized and acknowledged for decades as one of the pioneers and innovative leaders of our industry. Greg loves to talk and teach about what they do in

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