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SaLES skILLs & marKETINg Memo to Material Handling Millennials Things to know, skills to develop C BY GARY MOORE ongratulations! Congratulations on being a part of the greatest logistical supply chain in the world! In his book The World is Flat, Thomas Friedman listed the logistical supply chain as one of 10 world flatteners....things which facilitate the removal of barriers in the world. You've made an excellent career choice to be part of this country's logistical supply chain. Congratulations on a career in the material handling industry which rewards effort and performance at both distributor and manufacturer companies. Congratulations on your business, technical and specialization expertise gained through your education and life experience. Now, I'd like to share some things that you need to know, and skills you will need to develop in order to maximize these opportunities. These are things which are not always taught in school, but which I have learned over my over 45-year career in the material handling industry. Your company is not a family The phrase "we're like a family here" is sometimes used to describe an organization. Well, your organization is not a "family." It is a business organization focused on serving customers, selling products and services, and making a 94 MHEDA | profit. You are being evaluated from your very first personal or electronic encounter with your organization and its members, and in every interaction thereafter. You are being evaluated on your appearance, professionalism, demeanor, attitude, work ethic, phone and email etiquette, focus, expertise, social media presence, communication skills, and effectiveness. Most of all, you are being evaluated on your performance. It's real time, full time evaluation. And the next "first impression" you make with someone may be the only chance you get to give a positive you are being evaluated from your very first personal or electronic encounter with your organization and its members, and in every interaction thereafter. impression to a person who can influence your future. Oh, and if you really are a family member of someone in the will be scrutinized even more closely. relationships, relationships, relationships A key to success in real estate "they say" is location, location, location. In business and almost all other organizations, the key to success is ultimately all about relationships. Your initial contact with your current organization may have been through an on line recruiting site, a college job fair or posting, a referral or personal relationship. You were most likely hired due to a set of skills the organization needs. Now, however, your progress within the organization will depend not only on your technical skills, but on the relationships you develop within and outside the organization. Positive impact by individuals within organizations,

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The MHEDA Journal - Third Quarter, 2016