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Convention Reflection
and Planning for Next Year


y sunburn is almost gone
from attending the MHEDA
Convention in Miami this
past week, but the feeling of energy
and optimism from interacting with
many of you lingers on! My hat goes
off to Mike Vaughan (our Convention
Chairman this year) and our fantastic
MHEDA Staff for putting together a
great event full of stimulating and relevant content geared towards helping
all of us manage our businesses better.
I thoroughly enjoyed all of our keynote speakers. Our kick-off speaker,
futurist Mike Walsh, opened with
some super take-aways on how we can
harvest our youngest team members'
insights. My favorite was his "mindgrenade" question "what do our recent
hires find most strange about the way
our teams work, make decisions and
communicate?" Ask the question in
your business and see what you learn.
Brian Beaulieu from ITR Economics,
a MHEDA favorite, continued his
guidance of MHEDA members in our
understanding of the economic environment in which we find ourselves
and his estimation of where we're
heading. I heard a primarily positive
growth message with a slight downturn into 2019 which should be shallow and then back off to the races.
I found Ken Gronbach fascinating
with his ability to predict the bright
future in the U.S. by reading the tealeaves from broad-based demographic
data. I was impressed with Ken's talent
to step back and see our changing
population's characteristics and the
coming implications on our society,
culture and commercial ventures.

All of the distributor members of
MHEDA appreciate the great supplier
members' Exhibitor Showcase at the
convention. Every year I find great new
ideas to take back to my company and
share with co-workers for our customers as well as our operations. The
opening and closing parties were great
hits and provided excellent networking
opportunities in a super-fun environment. It seemed every minute of the
convention I was running into people
I hadn't spoken with yet, and there
were a number of people I meant to see
and didn't. A special thanks to all of
our members who participated in our
Give Back event of assembling hygiene
packs children in need.
Now that the convention is in the
rear-view mirror, there is no rest for
the weary! The MHEDA staff, board
and members are focused on delivering
great educational conferences, webinars and networking opportunities to
fulfill our calendar of programs for the
year. If you attended convention and
enjoyed the keynotes and workshop
sessions, be sure to take advantage of
2018's programs coming up.
One of my favorite parts of MHEDA
Board service is coming up in July -
the Executive Committee meeting. This
meeting sets the stage for all MHEDA


programs in the coming year. Attending
will be board members who have four
years or more of service and select
Manufacturer Board of Advisor members with similar MHEDA experience,
along with our CEO, Liz Richards.
Prior to the Executive Committee
meeting our Education, Networking
and Membership committees will
submit short and long term environmental analysis regarding the material handling industry. We also solicit
input from the entire board and other
members for current major issues
affecting our businesses - both suppliers and distributors.
We spend three full days at the
Executive Committee meeting digesting all of this input and debating what
issues are currently affecting our members and which will have the greatest
impact on our futures. We boil all of our
collective work down into our annual
Material Handling Business Trends list.
From this list flows everything we do
as an organization for the coming year:
our educational conferences and webinar topics, our networking events and
programs and our convention focus for
next May in Phoenix.
I find it truly rewarding and feel
privileged to have the opportunity to
participate in the MHEDA Strategic
Planning Process. I've learned so
much from the interactions with other
board members about aspects of our
collective businesses and the issues
we face in the future. Drop me a line
in early July when you read this with
your take on our industry's biggest
issues - I'd love to hear your input.
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