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Recruitment and Retention:
When Opportunity Knocks


or those of you who attended this
year's convention, you had a chance
to learn about two new initiatives
available to members including the
recently launched, MSSC nationally recognized Certified Forklift Technician
program and a new on-boarding template that members can use within their
own organizations. Neither one of these
programs would be possible if it weren't
for the opportunities that came knocking on MHEDA's door.
The Manufacturing Skills Standards
Council is a national leading organization that certifies front-line workers in
advanced manufacturing and logistics, primarily targeting community
colleges and secondary schools. Leo
Reddy, CEO of MSSC happened to be
in the audience during a workforce
panel discussion at ProMat 2015 where
I was one of the presenters. During
the discussion, I mentioned the shortage of forklift technicians that plagues
our industry and after the session,
Leo approached me and suggested we
discuss how MSSC might be able to
help our industry. Fast forward to June
2018, the MSSC /MHEDA Certified
Forklift Technician program has been
officially launched!
After two-plus years in the making,
forklift dealers now have a nationally
recognized certification program they
can introduce to their local technical schools, community colleges and
high schools to encourage students
to consider a rewarding career as a
forklift technician. MSSC has ninety
representatives in 50 states to help
market the CFT and an existing network of 2,250 educators who currently work with MSSC certification

offerings. We are incredibly grateful to the many members, including
forklift dealers and OEMs who helped
bring the CFT to fruition by drafting
the initial standards, developing the
assessment, piloting the assessment
and serving as subject matter experts
throughout the process. And in the
spirit of community, the success of
this initiative will be very dependent
upon local dealers and manufacturers
banding together when approaching
schools in their region. Schools want
to fill seats and dealers want to fill
positions and a school will only adopt
the program if they are convinced of
the technician shortage and the local
dealers' willingness to support the
program and the students within it.
Tools are available to help with this
initiative including a list of schools
that dealers can contact as well as a
video, "A Day in the Lift of the Forklift
Technician" to help explain the career
and the upward mobility opportunities for an entry level technician. For
more information on this recruitment
initiative, visit
A second program introduced at
the convention is a new on-boarding
and retention tool, developed by Andy
McNulty, a speaker with vast industry
experience. Some of the members who
attended Andy's workshop said,
* Very overlooked concept at
my company, insights we will
incorporate immediately
* Great way to raise the success rate
in the hire process
* Excellent information, much
needed in most organizations
* Definitely going to implement his
presentation in our organization


Andy has presented information at
various MHEDA events over the past
few years and when he suggested we
review his on-boarding tool as a new
MHEDA service, we jumped at the
opportunity since so many members
are struggling with employee retention. Now it's your opportunity to
use Andy's template at no charge in
your own organization to implement
a structured and comprehensive onboarding process. And Andy is available for guidance to get you started.
To get a copy of the template, go to under resources or
contact MHEDA by emailing Luann
Here at the MHEDA office we have
benefited from a third opportunity
that came knocking at our door. At
the Regional Networking Summit in
March 2018, we introduced a speaker
on recruitment and retention and she
talked about the importance of passive recruiting. When an outstanding
candidate happens to cross your path,
regardless of whether you are actively
hiring for that position, take the opportunity to improve the strength your
organization. We did just that when
an association colleague shared the
resume of Lori Zarling who was subsequently hired as MHEDA's Director of
IT. Just as many of you struggle with
digital technology, we face the same
challenges. We were thrilled to have
Lori join our team on May 29. To learn
more about Lori, see page 95.
For more information on the initiatives I mentioned, please feel free to call
the MHEDA office 847-680-3500 or email
me: As always,
I'd love to hear from you.
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