The MHEDA Journal - Third Quarter, 2018 - 19


"How do you identify emerging
leaders within your own company
and how do you encourage them
to learn and grow?"

Doug Carson, VP Marketing /
Sales, Fallsway Equipment
Company, Akron, OH


We identify emerging leaders primarily by recognizing key traits we find
valuable in personnel with upward
mobility or management/leadership in
their future. Some of these traits include:
1) the willingness to proactively seek out additional responsibilities 2) great customer service skills 3) displaying the
willingness to take risks and make decisions that consistently positively affect the company 4) projecting an encouraging, "can-do" approach in all business situations, and 5)
the ability to interact with all departments and co-workers
in a friendly and respectful manner while using company
resources to solve customer problems.
We identify these emerging leaders and then try to provide growth paths through additional responsibilities and
networking/educational opportunities. We regularly use
the MHEDA educational conferences such as Service/Parts,
Emerging Leaders, and Rental/Used to expose emerging
leaders to new ideas and peer-to-peer networking. We also
encourage participation in our OEMs' educational offerings.
Other growth venues include encouraging active participation through presentation opportunities with MHEDA or
OEM programs.

Buddy Smith, CEO, CMH
Services, Columbia, SC


Identifying emerging leaders - We
are fortunate to have some very good
emerging leaders in our company. I
think it starts with the hiring process
in the sense that we try and look for
individuals who will have the potential to be future influencers in our company. Once they are
on board, we look to see how they are embracing our culture. We are very intentional about our culture and values
and a future leader in our company must align themselves
with these values. Finally, we try and give them all the
tools necessary for them to be successful including skill
set training as well as leadership coaching. Developing
future leaders in our company is a great way to ensure our
long term success.

Mike Vaughan, CFO, Liftech
Equipment Companies, Inc.
E. Syracuse, NY


Identifying emerging leaders in your
organization starts with engagement
of employees in a wide range of activities and functions. Obviously you may
see potential in an individual during
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