The MHEDA Journal - Third Quarter, 2018 - 24



Moving Mountains
The growth and evolution of Welch Equipment Company



elch Equipment Company (Denver, Colorado)
was founded in 1983 by Duane Welch. Welch
had been the Vice President of Sales at Murray Equipment, which at the time represented

both the Crown and Raymond forklift lines. Both manufacturers
approached Murray and asked the dealership to become exclusive.
The company was faced with a choice. Duane, however, treated
this as an opportunity. He decided that he wanted to continue
the relationship he had established with Raymond. He opted to
leave Murray and launch Welch Equipment Company; starting
the company with only five employees.

"Since those humble beginnings,
Welch has grown to more than 230
team members and has offices in four
states with five locations in Colorado
alone," says Welch Equipment
President Steven Rice.
Though the company has grown to
impressive heights since its inception,
its core beliefs have remained constant. The company's motto, Personal
Partnerships - Elevated Solutions,
speaks to these beliefs.
"The one thing that has remained the
same is the never-ending commitment
to our customers. For our customers, no
matter their size, We Move Mountains!
Whether you've been with us for years
or are just discovering what we're
about, Welch Equipment will always
be available to provide your business
with the most comprehensive material
handling solutions. We understand that
your business is about moving material, not worrying about the equipment
that is moving material."

Product Growth
Welch takes that last sentence very
seriously. It wants its customers to
focus on what they do best, not worrying about their equipment. To give
total peace of mind, Welch prides itself
on working with the most respected
brands in the industry. That has
been true since Duane started the
company to continue his relationship
with Raymond and it continues to be
true today.
In the late 1980s, Welch partnered
with Toyota Industrial Equipment,


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