The MHEDA Journal - Third Quarter, 2018 - 62


Culture and Service
That Rock



HEDA and the MHI Young Professionals Network are co-hosting the 2018 Emerging Leaders Conference on July 12, 2018, at the Gwen Hotel in Chicago, Illinois.
Jim Knight, Business Culture Catalyst, former Hard Rock International Executive
and Author of "Culture That Rocks" will be giving two presentations at the event:

Culture That Rocks: Revolutionize Your Company's Culture and Service That Rocks: How to Create a Differentiated Experience to Deliver Results. Jim was gracious enough to sit down with us
to discuss his upcoming presentations.

A Conference for
Young Professionals in Material Handling
July 12, 2018

rly Bird Rate!

The Gwen Hotel
Chicago, IL


Join us this summer
in Chicago!



The MHEDA Journal: What
is your overall message for
what you're going to be
discussing at the emerging
leaders conference?
Jim Knight: I've spoken at MHEDA
before. I did a session on Culture That
Rocks. This time, I'm going to be taking those concepts and breaking them
into two different sessions, so I can
expand on the ideas that I couldn't get
into last time. The overall message, as
you would imagine, is that I'm going to
talk about people. It's always about the
people for me. I tend to hang my hat
on the humans on getting any business done. You would think for the
majority of the stuff, that because of
my background I would do this around
hospitality. But I sort of joke around
that I don't really do anything in that
industry anymore. Most of it is outside
of it. Banking, insurance, automotive

service repair, funeral directors. You
name it. My point is, regardless of the
product, people are the ones that make
that stuff happen. They're the ones
that produce results, they perpetuate
the brand. Regardless of whatever I'm
ever going to talk about, the people
in the room, these emerging leaders,
I'm hoping that they understand that
regardless of the business they're in,
it's about the humans that they need to
go and develop. There's always going
to be some themes that I'm going to
talk about. I'm going to absolutely
define culture. I'm going to solidify
its importance in business. That will
always be my number one anchor. But
then right behind it, I'm going to talk
about how massively important it is
to provide what I call "differentiated
service." You've got to create end-user
obsession. Whatever that end-user is:
customer, guest, client. They've got

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