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3 Traits All Effective Leaders Possess



itles don't define leadership. A certain title may have
others calling you their boss or you may be referred as
one of the leaders of the organization on the company's
website, but true leadership is much more than just a title.

True leadership involves the execution of a grand vision, where leaders  enroll  others to get passionate
about seeing that vision through and
then joining on the ride to bring that
vision to reality. The hard part is actually getting your team members and
employees to buy in to where you want
to go and then working relentlessly to
move that vision forward.
The leaders that are driven by a title
will have a difficult time motivating
and getting their team members and
employees to not only buy into the

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grand vision, but actually work hard
and come together for a common purpose.  Here are three things that all
effective leaders have in common:

1. They possess a deep
sense of humility.
The best coaches I ever had in football were also the coaches who had
the most humility. They were always
thinking about those that were leading
and rarely about themselves.
In my life as a speaker I see the exact
same trait in the high performing and
dominant organizations that I get to
spend time with. The one characteristic
that all of the top executives in dominant organizations possess is humility. Top employees never want to work
for or be associated with leaders who
are full of themselves.
As Billy Graham once said: "The
smallest package in the world is a man
all wrapped up in himself."

2. They radiate positive
Just like in life, the business world
is full of unexpected twists, turns and
obstacles, but the most effective leaders never let the unexpected deteriorate
their positive energy.
It's your job as a leader to stay positive and strong in the face of uncertainty. Your people already go through

enough with the demands of work piled
on top of the hustle and bustle of life.
Don't sabotage your organization's
growth by putting energy into the wrong
As the leader, you set the tone.
Whether that tone is positive or negative is completely up to you. If you're
not radiating positive energy, how do
you expect your people to?

3. They lead by example.
This one may seem self-explanatory,
but you would be shocked at the number
of leaders that would never consider
doing what they ask of those they lead.
One of the best ways to lose the respect
and trust in your people is to continually
fail to lead by example.
Look at any phenomenal leader. They
are self-starters. They live what they
preach. They demand excellence from
themselves before they ever demand
excellence from anyone else.
If you're in a leadership position and
not seeing the results from your team
that you had maybe hoped to see, do a
quick audit and ask yourself if you are
leading by example to the best of your
ability. Be who you say you are, do what
you say you are going to do and care like
you say you care.
There are a number of different things
you can do to get the results that you are
looking for out of your employees and
team members. I hope these three attributes help to get the ball rolling for you.
Having a deep sense of humility, radiating positive energy every chance you
get and leading by example doesn't produce miraculous and instant results, but
I promise over time these three characteristics bring massive results.
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