The MHEDA Journal - Third Quarter, 2018 - 82


A Dozen Rules for World Class
Customer Service



here are no secret handshakes; no passwords; and no
dues into the club of what I call World Class Dealer
Service. Nor are there guarantees, but the odds of success as a material handling distributor improve among

the dealers who not only acknowledge but embrace and practice
these fundamental principles - which I offer more as reminders
than lessons. If gone are the days of easy, effortless sales (and
for most manufacturers and dealers they are), then present are
the days of service excellence and that includes the service a
customer receives from the salesperson.

1.) It's All About The
Customer Experience!
You've heard this before. But it warrants repeating, as today's customers
are more "service-savvy" and have
very high expectations. If your entire
dealer organization doesn't excel in
every aspect of the customer experience, customers will take their buying
power elsewhere. Period.

2.) Avoid the "Kiss of Death" 
The "Kiss of Death" for any dealer
is thinking their service is "good
enough!" If you're not providing
exceptional customer service, then
you're just providing service - and
that doesn't set you apart from your
competition. Regardless of the size
of your company, your main goal is
to make every single encounter the


customer has with your company
undeniably better than that provided
by your competitors. Consider what is
needed: a minor improvement, training, complete culture transformation,
new technology, or a major strategic initiative that will give you the
reputation for World Class Customer

3.) Just Start Helping!
Start with your sales team. The
impressions formed by them on the
phones, in the field, and during demos
are largely responsible for developing your reputation. Remind them to
communicate with confidence, project
integrity, class, and professionalism
with every customer interaction. But
refrain from ever "badmouthing" your

Remind them that selling is helping.
Instruct them to contact your most desirable prospects and ask questions that
will uncover their problems. Then, tell
them to just start helping these prospects
as if they already are customers. In fact,
they should help by making suggestions,
providing ideas, and offering solutions
to their problems - even when there's
nothing in it for them. Why? Because
very often it pays back tenfold and plays
a strong role in your reputation.

4.) Present with Panache
World Class dealers deliver new
equipment as if they are unveiling a
million-dollar piece of artwork. A small
but meaningful gift is presented. Ample
time is spent discussing equipment
operation, maintenance, and safety
whenever needed.  

5.) After-the-Sale
Follow-up Process
After the delivery, a "Customer Care"
follow-up process is applied. Later that
day, the salesperson phones to ask if
the customer has any further questions. Two days after that, another call
is made, asking how they like the features of the machine. And one week
later, another call is made by both the
sales person and the service manager
to inquire if there are any questions,
or if any further help is needed. "We're
always here if you need us," is the constant message customers hear.

6.) Be Showroom Sharp
World Class dealers know that the
appearance of their place of business

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