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Importance of Industry Awards


uyers at all levels are looking for credibility before making any purchase, and that includes material handling
equipment. Companies that can boast high ratings,
positive reviews and awards get noticed. In this environment, it is helpful for any company to gain recognition for
its outstanding achievements and customer service in order
to distinguish themselves from competitors.
The MVP Award for distributor members and the MVS
Award for supplier members were created to help brand
your excellence and claim bragging rights in your marketing and PR efforts.
Awards can contribute to successful public recognition
in the following manner:
* Visibility. Awards can help your company gain
visibility within the industry, attract new customers
as well as potential new employees by giving your
company an edge over competitors.
* Validate. Awards help substantiate a company's

* Testimony. Winning an award can serve as a
testament to a company's work ethic, dedication
and community involvement. This is attractive to
new customers and new hires. It can also reinforce a
company's reputation with current customers.
* Reputation. An award can help transform a company's
reputation from "pretty good", to excellent.
* Differentiate. An award sets a company apart from
competitors and differentiates the quality of its
achievements and services. Awards help a company
stand out for their excellence!
MHEDA's 2019 Awards are based on your company's
demonstrated commitment to business excellence in 2018.
Members who earn the MVP or MVS Award have demonstrated their commitment to business excellence, professionalism and good stewardship.
For more information on the MVP and MVS Awards, go
to the MHEDA website at or contact Kathy
Cotter at

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