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AT WORK Sales Planning and Marketing Manager Name: Rich Curtis Company: Liftech Equipment Companies Location: East Syracuse, NY Years On Job: 15 1. Previous Experience Prior to coming to Liftech, I worked for the Raymond Corporation for 23 years. Five of those years were with a dealership in Memphis, TN. I cut my teeth out on the road selling parts and services to customers. I know what our sales staff is going through and I try to ground all of my decisions today in that experience. It's my job to put the staff in the best position to succeed and one of the ways I do that is by putting myself in their shoes when looking at potential opportunities. 2. Warm Leads In our business, time is money. We make the most money by understanding how to make the most effective use of our time. There is a standard that we use called the 1 in 2. We stand a 1 in 2 chance of selling to a customer that we're already selling to. We have a 1 in 4 chance of selling to a customer that we've worked with in the recent past and who knows our reputation. For cold calls? A one in 14 chance of converting a sale. We keep these figures in mind when mining for new opportunities and strike a balance of all 3 types of customers/prospects. 3. Tools of the Trade Giving our sales team the best chance to succeed requires research on my part. Our CRM system is indispensable. The trick is that we can't use it as a glorified Rolodex. We mine it for historical data and the means of tracking targeted accounts and campaigns. I also subscribe to industryspecific websites and research industry specifications and EDA information. We are diligent at tying our CRM to smart devices which gives our sales people the advantage of instant access to customer support tools. I have worked in the material handling industry for the last 38 years, the last 15 at Liftech Equipment Corporation in East Syracuse, NY. I came to Liftech with outside sales experience and was hired as the aftermarket sales manager. Soon after, however, I began overseeing the sales team in our construction business. Today, I serve as the Sales Planning and Marketing Manager. In my position I mine for data and use a combination of my past experience and analytics to put our sales team in the best position to convert leads into sales. It is an in-depth job but one that is very important for the growth of our company. This is how I work. 4. Changing Landscape It is very expensive to have salespeople in the field just walking up and down the street knocking on doors. It's an inefficient way of prospecting. It is up to me to make sure that we're making the most productive use of our time. One of the easiest ways to determine if a lead is worth pursuing is a simple web search. If I research a company and their website looks like it was thrown up 20 minutes ago, that's not a number 1 priority lead. The MHEDA Journal | Fourth Quar ter 2 013 31

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