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COvER STORy 2013 SALES SUCCESS STORIES Collaboratively Solving Any Issue MHEDA dealers and suppliers team up to solve customers' most complex issues. BY STEVE GUGLIELMO T here is a reason that MHEDA members are among the most well-respected companies, not only in the material handling industry, but in all of business. It isn't because they have the best products, though they do. It's because of their knowledge, expertise and tireless drive to serve the customer's best interests, no matter the situation. MHEDA members aren't order takers. They're problem solvers. Customers rest easy knowing that no matter what obstacle they face, their dealer will take care of it. And the dealers know that they can make any suggestion or promise because MHEDA suppliers will be there to help in whatever capacity they possibly can. This year's Sales Success Stories simply reinforce that there is no problem too large or small for MHEDA members. Below are just the latest in a long-line of examples of MHEDA members going above and beyond for their customers. 32 MHEDA |

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President’s Perspective
From the Desk of Liz Richards
Ask Your Board
MHEDA Member Profile
At Work
Collaboratively Solving Any Issue
Field Service Technicians Go Mobile
Risk Management
Industry Legend Howard Bernstein Gives Back
Greening the Supply Chain through Systems Thinking and Collaboration
Getting to the Top
Want to Grow? Market!
A Totally Mental Makeover
New Members
Spotlight on Association News
MHEDA University
MHEDA Milestones
New Products
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The MHEDA Journal - Fourth Quarter, 2013