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SALES & gROw TH MARKETING Getting to the Top: Selling to the C-Level Executive To sell big, stop thinking small BY BARBARA GERAGHTY L ast year, I achieved a dream when I moved from California to Colorado. Every day I gaze at the Rocky Mountains, with 50 peaks more than 14,000 feet high. In my new home people are obsessed with this question: What does it take to get to the top? Since 1994, I've been teaching salespeople how to sell to executives, or how to use an executive interface to position oneself in the company, or how to simply go through an office higher than the selling level to come down to the decision. So, what does it take to get to the top? Think Like a CEO Even though I'm probably many miles from you as you read this, I can hear what you're thinking. "Why would I want to sell to a CEO?" Maybe you don't. But you do want to sell to the Ultimate Decision Maker (UDM). The quicker and closer you can get to this person, the faster the buying cycle and the less quibbling on price. Whether or not you need to sell to an executive for a particular deal, you need to gain access and articulate value at the highest appropriate level. For larger deals where an executivelevel interface is required, selling to the CEO is a strategy. For other deals, it is a tactic to gain a high-level executive's assistance (or someone in his or her domain, such as the executive assistant) to get to the UDM. This tactic 58 MHEDA | positions you above the decision, and almost insures that you will get a meeting. Trust me on this; it is much easier to slide down to the decision than to climb up. Preparation is the secret to obtaining a brief meeting with an executive or a referral to the UDM. Utilize the research tips in the next section and the three-step approach process below to script a voice message. Practice and time the message, eliminating unnecessary words so that it is less than twenty seconds, and stand when you leave it. If the UDM or Executive Assistant answers the phone, use the same message to launch a conversation.

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The MHEDA Journal - Fourth Quarter, 2013