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SALES & gROw TH MARKETING Want to Grow? MARKET! BY ALEX L. GOLDFAYN H ere's a simple, tragic truth about the vast majority or distributors and manufacturers: not enough prospective buyers know about your company and the wonderful things you can do to help them. And people deserve to know, because your work is excellent. I know this because you've probably been in business for years, maybe a decade or longer. You probably have customers who have been with you for just as long. They could have left, taking their business and their trust elsewhere. But they haven't. They've stayed with you. You have relationships. You deliver on what you promise, often going above and beyond. Why don't more companies come calling? Why don't more people know about you and your company? That's the tragedy here. People in your target markets deserve to know about you, because you can really help them. Why don't enough people know, then? Why are you a best-kept secret? Because you aren't telling enough prospective buyers about how you can help. You aren't marketing enough. The Low Hanging Fruit My average client grows by 20 percent in the first year we work together. Through my marketing and consulting business, I help companies quickly increase revenue with good, fast marketing - from the Fortune 500, to the publicly traded, from the closely held mid-size family business to the start-up. 60 MHEDA | I can tell you from experience that there's nothing you can do that will grow your organization as quickly, effectively and dramatically as improving your marketing. Ironically, sales improvement won't grow your business as quickly as executing more marketing better. That's because sales is one-on-one, but marketing is one-to-many. You can't have sales meetings at multiple buyers' offices at the same time. But you can market your value directly to thousands of highly-qualified buyers

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President’s Perspective
From the Desk of Liz Richards
Ask Your Board
MHEDA Member Profile
At Work
Collaboratively Solving Any Issue
Field Service Technicians Go Mobile
Risk Management
Industry Legend Howard Bernstein Gives Back
Greening the Supply Chain through Systems Thinking and Collaboration
Getting to the Top
Want to Grow? Market!
A Totally Mental Makeover
New Members
Spotlight on Association News
MHEDA University
MHEDA Milestones
New Products
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The MHEDA Journal - Fourth Quarter, 2013