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NEW INNOVATIONS Infor Business Intelligence (BI) 10x PRODuCTS The Infor Business Intelligence (BI) 10x delivers advanced analytics and planning capabilities, self-service dashboards and social collaboration for a more beautiful, modern, mobile and social experience. Infor BI 10x is fused with innovative core technologies such as Infor ION and Infor Ming.le to create an experience that surpasses the ordinary to maximize real-time visibility and cultivate business development. Infor BI 10x builds upon market standards for interoperability through flexible integration with third-party applications and databases. Enhancements such as advanced analytics, and a new application engine, aid statistical analysis to allow users to forecast trends and choose a course of action. Advanced planning and forecasting capabilities allow the user to define future performance targets in addition to analyzing historical results. EnerSys Workhog and Deserthog Batteries EnerSys has increased the amp-hour rating of its 23" Ironclad Workhog and Deserthog batteries from 85AH to 90AH. This increase provides greater sustained voltages and more power for today's advanced AC lift trucks. The Workhog and Deserthog batteries are the only 90-AH batteries in the 23" size with standard, rather than high gravity electrolyte for maximum battery life. The increased work capacity and performance of Workhog® and Deserthog® batteries is the result of the unique square tubular positive plate design. Ironclad® square tubes provide up to 84% more surface area on the positive plate, exposing more positive plate active material to the electrolyte. This combination of greater positive surface area and electrolyte provides higher sustained voltages throughout the discharge cycle. 74 MHEDA | Yale ERC080-120VH Yale Materials Handling Corporation launched the Yale ERC080-120VH electric rider lift truck series with a capacity of 8,000-12,000 lbs. The trucks have undergone rigorous durability and performance testing and care comparable in power and durability to ICE powered trucks. The series features enhanced technologies such as a stronger powertrain, a drive axle with increased shock absorption for heavy loads, and a mast that is reinforced with ductile iron-casted cross members which resist mast rocking and lateral movement. The ERC080-120HV series presents excellent stopping power with low brake pedal effort by providing wet disc brakes. The series also includes a Power-Assisted Braking System, which further increases brake and drive train life by automatically utilizing traction motor braking in proportion to operator brake pedal pressure. CLARKcalc Finance App Clark Material Handling Company's CLARKcalc payment calculator for both IOS and Android Devices allows salespeople to quickly and accurately calculate monthly payments across a number of different finance options. They can customize lease type, term

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The MHEDA Journal - Fourth Quarter, 2013