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TRENDS micro LIVING Fully functioning spaces in tiny packages 275-300 sq. ft The latest apartment trend in big cities, for both developers and residents, are smaller spaces at smaller costs. “Micro” apartments, built in cities where space is at a premium, are efficient living spaces that measure around 275-300 square feet. The rise of these apartments comes from the need for compact living spaces in crowded cities, like New York City, San Francisco and Boston. These apartments are the perfect places for single dwellers on a budget. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg even held a citysponsored competition – adAPT NYC – to challenge developers into designing micro apartments (being no greater than 400 square feet) that are innovative as well as comfortable for residents. More impressively is the amount of amenities packed into these tiny spaces. Many units include a washer/dryer, high ceilings and multipurpose storage. Keep an eye out for these micro apartments, as well as a demand for traditional studio and one-bedroom apartments, in 2013. ● MultifamilyFLORIDA l SPRING 2013 l 29

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Legislative Update: And So It Begins
Renovations and Maintenance: Managing the Many Moving Parts
Hey Mold ... Dry Up!
Five Crucial Conversations for Flawless Execution
Open for Business!
President's Message
Plan Ahead ... Weather, or Not
APAC Update
To Tow ... or Not to Tow?
Apartment Trends
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Multifamily Florida - Spring 2013