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PRESIDENT’SMessage Spring Cleaning by Linda Paolo WRH Realty Services, Inc. Our theme this issue is Spring Cleaning. When I think of spring cleaning, I think of “out with the old and in with the new”. Wikipedia defines spring cleaning as the practice of thoroughly cleaning a house in the springtime. It’s the traditional time to remove winter blues and get ready for the long days of summer. I thought about how this definition relates to the Florida Apartment Association. My first thought relates to the fact that after 40 years of being managed by a management company, we are now a self-managed association. This is a fresh start, a spring cleaning so to speak. We now have four dedicated FAA staff members who are working hard in their new offices to make FAA the best it can be. The Executive Committee and the Board of Directors of the Florida Apartment Association have a large stake in the success of this association. We all – FAA staff, Executive Committee and the Board of Directors – are a team and we need to be involved in making FAA a success. This is your time to be heard. My second thought concerned how to proceed as an association. I see our association being self-managed as a time to change things up: the FAA membership represents the best and the brightest employees within the apartment industry within our state. It is our time to be inventive! Let’s try new things, let’s approach situations from a different angle, a different perspective. Just because we have always done something one way doesn’t mean that we can’t try a different way – out with the old and in with the new. Bring us your ideas. Our first Board of Directors meeting of the year was held on Jan. 31, 2013. The local associations reported very active schedules of events that are planned over the next several months – training classes, maintenance mania events and fundraisers. It is wonderful to see how active and committed our locals are throughout the state. The FAA Education Conference Committee is busy working to obtain the best speakers and education programs for our Annual Education Conference. This year, the Conference will be held on Oct. 16-18. Mark your calendars now and plan to attend this event in Orlando. One item FAA is working to finalize is the Florida Legal Guide. This Guide will be available to our membership and will provide access to literally hundreds of articles, written by Florida attorneys, that relate to all aspects of multihousing. The Guide will include links to various relevant Florida and Federal Statutes. It will have a comprehensive Fair Housing section. I would say that most any question a property manager could have, this Guide will answer. By the time you read this, we will have had our legislative conferences and visits in Washington, D.C., and will be headed to Tallahassee. It is always exciting to see how involved our members are in representing our industry concerning the political process as we try to improve the laws regulating our operations. You will read more about this in the Legislative Update Section written by Laura Heiselman, the FAA Government Affairs Director. I continue to look forward to the changes in FAA. The time is now for change. There is change in the air – a spring cleaning. I am looking forward to seeing everyone soon. ● MultifamilyFLORIDA l SPRING 2013 l 7

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Legislative Update: And So It Begins
Renovations and Maintenance: Managing the Many Moving Parts
Hey Mold ... Dry Up!
Five Crucial Conversations for Flawless Execution
Open for Business!
President's Message
Plan Ahead ... Weather, or Not
APAC Update
To Tow ... or Not to Tow?
Apartment Trends
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Multifamily Florida - Spring 2013