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SP EC I A L REP OR T: TA RGE T ING YOUR M A R K E T Lease it Like a Lease-Up Strategies for Lease-Up performance and inside Tips for Apartment communities competing With new construction BY K ATE GOOD A well-orchestrated and wellexecuted plan for presenting a new apartment community to the market can build the buzz necessary in today's world of high-tech communication. And what if yours is a stabilized community that has completed its lease-up? It may be tempting to rely more on being able to show an existing community and less on building a wellrounded marketing plan. But if you want to keep your existing community competitive, you'll need to employ many of the techniques familiar to lease-ups. This insider's guide will enable you to create and execute a winning strategy to reach - and maintain - your occupancy and economic goals. Before considering some specific tips for enhancing your effectiveness on a tour, think about who your customers are and how you are reaching them. Your existing residents can be a good source of insight into who your future residents could be. Encourage your on-site team to interact with residents as much as possible to learn how your residents spend their free time, where their favorite spot is to hang 16 l MULTiFAMiLYFLoRidA l out, and what in general what their lifestyle includes. Once these important questions are answered, then use this invaluable information to market in all the right places. Marketing is no longer about your customer finding you but rather you finding  your customer. This is the key differential in using your niche to maximize impact with your target renter. It is up to your brand to cross their path, and your people are a big part of making this happen. RETHink MARkETing Today it is estimated that prospects are already 57 percent of the way through the buying cycle before they ever engage with a human being - proving the power of digital influence. With much of a prospect's investigation being done online, companies need to create an online environment to help customers perceive the product - your community - in an optimum way. Maximize every opportunity to populate all digital advertising with photos. Mix up standard photos by overlaying some witty swag (sayings, quotes, hashtags, and otherwise fun words) and even toss in some short videos. Don't forget to take pics of the things that drive your niche in the marketplace. invEST WHERE THE cUSToMER LAndS Creating or revamping your website to deliver real signs of innovation starts with an investment in what you offer residents in their living experience. If you are trying to create something more interesting than your competitors, don't look to your competitors for ideas and inspiration. In fact, don't even look at another apartment community website - it will only taint your opportunity to be unique. Instead, what makes your community unique and special? Leverage technology so those aspects are what your website spotlights. Keep in mind that online consumers are more impatient than ever, and be sure your website is are engineered for speed. Design an innovative user experience, but keep it simple, transparent, and elegant. pREp To pERFEcTion When you are ready to show your community, focus on creating memorable experiences. Create an interesting environment

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President’s Message: Rewarding Reflections
FAA Update: What’s Your Brand?
Target Your Market
Lease It Like a Lease-Up
Hyperlocal Mobile Marketing
Legislative Update: Fair Housing, Fire Safety, and Veteran Homeless Ness
Become an Extra Ordinary Salesperson by Being Relevant
Checking Customer Satisfaction: Rare or Well Done?
Building Community: The Marketability of Community
Giving Back: AAGO Foundation Hosts Foster Youth at Job Shadow Day
Community Spotlight: Solaire at Coconut Creek
Apartments by the Numbers
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Multifamily Florida - Fall 2015