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SP EC I A L REP OR T: TA RGE T ING YOUR M A R K E T HYPERLOCAL Mobile Marketing building the Effortless Resident Experience BY TONI BLAKE F rom sipping a Coke with your name on the can to ordering M&Ms with your photo on them for your wedding, it's not unusual today to see marketing that is extraordinarily personalized. Likewise, our residents and future residents want an apartment experience that is customized to their wants and personalized to their tastes. Marketing to a specific niche may not be enough. Your marketing may need to be hyperlocal. "Hyperlocal" is a relatively new technology buzzword that has multiple meanings. For our purposes, hyperlocal means having an in-depth knowledge about a specific location - the area surrounding your community. It also means you need to know how the area shows up in searches, including on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Researchers from reported in January 2015 "mobile penetration" in North America is 101 percent, with a global average of 98 percent. (Many people have more than one mobile number.) Simply put, mobile is having a serious impact on our marketing plans. It's important to know how to access the mobile digital services in your local area. After all, you don't want your customer to be MORE informed than YOU! Putting digital mobile resources to work for you begins with finding valuable and trusted information sources. This is a critical component in business success, writes Bill Gates in his book Business @ The Speed of Thought: "The most meaningful way to differentiate your company from the competition is to do an outstanding job with information. How you gather, manage, and use information will determine whether you win or lose." 20 l MULTiFAMiLYFLoRidA l If you find the information and deliver it to your customers, that builds their confidence in you and enhances their customer experience. "You need to give your customers fewer reasons to be disloyal, writes Matthew Dixon in the book The Effortless Experience: Conquering the New Battleground for Customer Loyalty. "The best way to make that happen is to reduce customer effort." Providing effortless experiences by making valuable information available to your customer could be the tipping point in the decision to lease and, later, to stay a resident of your community. Be sure to capture screenshots and collect hyperlinks to all the great information you find. Share them with your current residents, on social media, and when you send follow-up emails to potential future residents. Here are some ideas to get your research started. information from your hyperlocal area. scores a community based on what's within walking distance, availability of public transit, etc. AreaVibes. com gives a more complete "Livability Score." The score, up to a maximum of 100, is calculated using a unique algorithm that takes into account dozens of characteristics in seven different categories, including nearby amenities, cost of living, crime rates, education, employment, housing, and weather. The reports, maps, market data and statistics on cost of living and crime are all built into an easy to share report with summarized details in beautiful graphics. SEnioR HoUSing Begin your search in a close radius around your community. American Express OPEN forum reports, "The dynamic digital ecosystem of Google, local online directories, mobile and social media is enabling companies to easily connect with customers in specific areas and allowing customers to connect with local companies on a level never seen before." Simply enter your community's address into Google, and then ask for nearby retail, dining, entertainment, and services. A Place for Mom is a fantastic online resource for senior housing. Not only does it help families find the right home for Nana and Papa, it also provides information, guidance, and advice that managers of senior communities can use to build a resource center for residents, their family members, and other caregivers. Don't be fooled by age! Senior living decisions are often a three-generation family event. Grandkids want to know where Nana and Papa are going to be and will look up your community and online reputation. A Place for Mom is the largest assisted living referral service. It is paid for by participating communities and free to you and your future residents. AREAvibES.coM gRUbHUb.coM screenshots can show future residents important decision-making Student housing resources are hyperlocal to the closest campus and city. And googLE.coM http://www.googLE.coM http://www.AREAvibES.coM http://www.gRUbHUb.coM

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President’s Message: Rewarding Reflections
FAA Update: What’s Your Brand?
Target Your Market
Lease It Like a Lease-Up
Hyperlocal Mobile Marketing
Legislative Update: Fair Housing, Fire Safety, and Veteran Homeless Ness
Become an Extra Ordinary Salesperson by Being Relevant
Checking Customer Satisfaction: Rare or Well Done?
Building Community: The Marketability of Community
Giving Back: AAGO Foundation Hosts Foster Youth at Job Shadow Day
Community Spotlight: Solaire at Coconut Creek
Apartments by the Numbers
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Multifamily Florida - Fall 2015