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Become an extraordinary salesperson by Being Relevant BY LORI SNIDER T here is always something new to learn when shopping properties. Sometimes, I'll discover a new technique or have the opportunity to see an expert in action. Recently, I learned there is a big disparity between intent and reality. Visit 1: Leasing professional shows me a lovely property, but keeps telling me to "Go visit the website" for the daily prices. This is said repeatedly, even though I have indicated that I am looking for my mother, she has just put her home on the market, and isn't even convinced she wants an apartment. There is no attempt to have Mom come in, experience the place, etc. (Though when I suggest it, they say, "Sure! We'd love to show her around.") No, "I will take care of you, and make sure your mother is happy" moment. Just, "Go visit the website for further information. Your quote will be good for 72 hours." Why would I rent an apartment online at this point? Mom hasn't even seen it. Intent: "I am being helpful and giving you resources." Reality: "In this market, all anybody cares about is the price, and I know that. So make sure you see the prices and are OK with them before you waste my time again. Come on back when you're really ready to buy." Visit 2: While in the golf cart, the bubbly leasing professional says, "I need to tell you about four things, because 'they' will be emailing you to make sure I covered them." She then goes on to tell me about her guarantees, and that part of Mom's rent will be put aside for a home down payment. (Mom is selling her house; she doesn't want to own anymore.) When I ask, "What do you get for telling me about all this?" she replies, "I get to keep my job." It gets better. As we leave the apartment, she says, "I know you're not ready yet, but I have to ask, would you like to leave a deposit?" I just look at her. Intent: I might get shopped and will get in big trouble if I don't hit all the bases, so I am going to say things that you and I know are completely irrelevant to your buying experience and I will cushion the blow by removing myself from the equation. This way everybody is happy." Reality: I just threw my company under the bus because they have made mandates that you and I both know are irrelevant to your needs. Frankly, I resent it. I will do it, but I will let the client know it's really not me doing the talking, it's the corporate heads. After all, I need to keep my job, but I also need to lease apartments." Visit 3: I dub her the "speed talker" because I only understand every third word. (Remember, Mom has just put her house on the market, and isn't with me.) I am told about how I can't use the double doors in the fitness center because they don't work, so I am to come in and MULTiFAMiLYFLoRidA l Fall 2015 l 27

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President’s Message: Rewarding Reflections
FAA Update: What’s Your Brand?
Target Your Market
Lease It Like a Lease-Up
Hyperlocal Mobile Marketing
Legislative Update: Fair Housing, Fire Safety, and Veteran Homeless Ness
Become an Extra Ordinary Salesperson by Being Relevant
Checking Customer Satisfaction: Rare or Well Done?
Building Community: The Marketability of Community
Giving Back: AAGO Foundation Hosts Foster Youth at Job Shadow Day
Community Spotlight: Solaire at Coconut Creek
Apartments by the Numbers
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Multifamily Florida - Fall 2015