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DE PA R T M E N T: BUIL DING C OM M UNI T Y The Marketability of Community There's More to it Than You Might Think BY TRISH HARRIS C learly, few things are more important to an apartment manager's success than the effective marketing of his or her apartment community. It's so critical, in fact, that we've devoted this entire issue to the topic. This article, however, is not about marketing your community. It refers to the internal and external marketing of community - something very different, but also invaluable to success. Marketing community has a lot to do with creating that unique sense of belonging, 32 l MULTiFAMiLYFLoRidA l being understood, finding kindred spirits, and knowing you're missed when you are not around. It's about relating and connecting, caring and being cared about, and, essentially, it's about mattering. We all want to matter, and when we are a part of a community, we are assured that we do. A SEnSE oF coMMUniTY The concept of community has been around for a very long time. In fact, one might trace it back to the days of the cave dwellers, when people formed tribes and lived together with a shared sense of belonging and of purpose. Since those times, mankind has created countless types of communities designed to bring people together. In 1974, psychologist Seymour Sarason introduced the concept of "psychological sense of community" as "one of the major bases for self-definition." Among the many related studies to be conducted over the years that followed, the most influential has been McMillan & Chavis's 1986 work. McMillan & Chavis define "sense of community" as "a feeling that members

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President’s Message: Rewarding Reflections
FAA Update: What’s Your Brand?
Target Your Market
Lease It Like a Lease-Up
Hyperlocal Mobile Marketing
Legislative Update: Fair Housing, Fire Safety, and Veteran Homeless Ness
Become an Extra Ordinary Salesperson by Being Relevant
Checking Customer Satisfaction: Rare or Well Done?
Building Community: The Marketability of Community
Giving Back: AAGO Foundation Hosts Foster Youth at Job Shadow Day
Community Spotlight: Solaire at Coconut Creek
Apartments by the Numbers
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Multifamily Florida - Fall 2015