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PUBLISHED AUGUST 2015 / FAP-Q0315 / 1206 Rewarding Reflections BY RON WENzEL, BH MANAGEMENT Leave this world a little better than you found it. - Robert Baden-Powell A s I look back on my year as FAA president - the culmination of a number of years as a volunteer leader with FAA - I can't help but think about all the people who have helped me along the way, from when I first started in the multifamily industry, what seems like a lifetime ago. There have been a few influential leaders in my career starting with my very own sister Linda M. Nunn, a former regional property manager (RPM) with Mid-America Apartment Communities (MAA), a real estate investment trust in Austin, Texas. I learned much from my former bosses, Mike A. Wells, Alan P. King, and Gary Parrett. From my good friend and former association executive John Mitchell at the Apartment Association in Tarrant County (AATC) in Fort Worth, I learned about what it takes to be a good leader in terms of association involvement and volunteerism. Among the lessons I take with me from those early interactions, I learned you only get out what you put in. I also think it's important to allow our association executives the freedom to run their local affiliates and teams the way we expect or want our leaders to manage us. This practice or philosophy holds true in anything you do or get involved in or with. I gladly give up my time and knowledge back to the people of an incredible industry that has done so much for me both personally and professionally. As president of the Florida Apartment Association, I was fortunate to have Josh Gold at the head of the FAA staff team, and the growth and successes we have experienced are largely due to his leadership. Josh has been an amazing leader and addition at FAA and he has kept the staff engaged and motivated. He has given the staff a real sense of belonging and pride. But, more importantly, he brought the staff together as a productive, inclusive, and cohesive team. He has allowed each of them to become creative and a real contributor. He has empowered them to be a part of the team and to be heard and included in decisions. Each staffer 6 l MULTiFAMiLYFLoRidA l at FAA - Ralph Robinson, Courtney Barnard, Rona Long - now has his or her own areas of expertise. And, through Josh's leadership, he has done what all great leaders do, and that is to allow them to flourish and do what they were hired to do in the first place and what they are each capable of doing. I'm also grateful to my local association executive, Chip Tatum of the Apartment Association of Greater Orlando. I think when it comes to Chip all I can say is that he has been extremely resourceful in how well he can relate to our business, having been in it and on-site himself. He is a very understanding, patient, professional, and extremely responsive individual and leader for AAGO, and an excellent liaison for FAA and NAA. The same holds true for Peggy Queen at the First Coast Apartment Association as well. As for Greg Brooks of Southeast Florida Apartment Association (SEFAA), he has a wealth of knowledge about association management as well as hands-on experience as a real estate investor and entrepreneur. As I'm reflecting back on my contributions to this industry and this organization, I'm also thinking about how I would pay forward what I have learned. If I had the opportunity to advise young people considering a career in the multifamily industry, I would tell them to be committed and patient, and to learn all they can from their leaders and peers. Never stop learning, earn your professional designations, and get involved. Do your best to lead by example, and always treat others the way you want to be treated. And as I think about the many changes we have seen in this industry in recent years, I encourage the up and coming leaders of FAA to be open and ready to change. What worked yesterday may not work today. The multifamily market is constantly evolving, and this organization is evolving with it. I have done my best to leave it better than I found it, and I look forward to supporting incoming president Glenn Evers in continuing its progress.  ▲

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President’s Message: Rewarding Reflections
FAA Update: What’s Your Brand?
Target Your Market
Lease It Like a Lease-Up
Hyperlocal Mobile Marketing
Legislative Update: Fair Housing, Fire Safety, and Veteran Homeless Ness
Become an Extra Ordinary Salesperson by Being Relevant
Checking Customer Satisfaction: Rare or Well Done?
Building Community: The Marketability of Community
Giving Back: AAGO Foundation Hosts Foster Youth at Job Shadow Day
Community Spotlight: Solaire at Coconut Creek
Apartments by the Numbers
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