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about the financial side of it," she says.
Christiansen's father is a longtime affiliate
of AFA, and she even remembers going to
conventions with him when she was younger.
Christiansen wants to become a registered
dietitian, which meant she had to quit her
job managing a dental office to give her full
attention to her studies at Oklahoma State
University. Her goal is to finish her coursework by the end of 2017 and begin an internship in January 2018.

When Collin Lockard was seven years old,
he convinced his father to let him work for
the family's fence company, CL Fencing and
Supplies. "I told him, 'If you let me work with
you, I promise to work harder than all of your
other workers,'" Lockard says.
What Lockard lacked in strength, he made
up for in speed - working twice as hard as the
company's teenage employees and carrying
tools back and forth to the jobsites.
Now a high school senior, Lockard has
been able to apply his ambitious work ethic
to other areas of his life. He is captain of
his school's football team, a member of the
National Future Farmers of America (FFA)
and a state-ranked cross-country runner.
Lockard plans to attend Southeast
Missouri State University and pursue a career
as a hospital pharmacist. He learned that the
job would allow him to set his own hours, so
Lockard plans to continue helping with his
father's fence business so he can eventually
run the company with his brother.

It was a victory for Saxon Hartman
to get into the University of Pittsburgh
School of Pharmacy, which ranked as the
ninth pharmacy program in U.S. News and
World Report.
But studying at one of the top 10 pharmacy
schools in the nation can get fairly expensive,
especially since Hartman is in her second year
of the six-year program. "This scholarship
will help me achieve my goals and get me to
where I want to be," she says.
Among her qualifications, Hartman graduated from high school ranking 22nd out of
a class of 535 students. She was a member of
the National Honor Society, Student Council
and was varsity cheerleading captain.
Hartman received an overall composite
score in the 99th percentile for the Pharmacy

College Admission Test. In addition to her
studies, Hartman works as a pharmacy technician at a local grocery store.

John Thompson learned the value of
work ethic and humility from his dad.
Thompson's father and grandfather have
sustained their family business, Acme Fence
Co. Inc. in Kansas City, Missouri, for more
than 60 years.
"That's one thing I've taken away from
seeing my dad over the years and how small
businesses work, and that probably struck a
chord," he says.
Thompson is a freshman English major at
Stetson University in DeLand, Florida, and
has to juggle the high cost of education with
his academic pursuits. Last summer, he completed an internship at the Harry S. Truman
Library and Museum in Independence,
Missouri because of his interest in history.
He was also a member of the varsity baseball
team and the National Honor Society and
obtained a 4.2 GPA in high school.
Thompson might eventually take over his
father's business but is also considering getting his law degree or MBA after he completes
his bachelor's degree.

Rebecca Sewald spent many summers
helping build fences with her father, who
owns Frontier Fence in Colorado. That
experience laid the foundation for Sewald's
appreciation for hard work.
She is now in her final year of a certification program at the University of New Mexico
to become a radiological technologist - or
X-ray technician. The program requires her
to complete 30 hours of clinicals each week,
which means she does unpaid work for urgent
care facilities and hospitals to earn credit
hours. She also waits tables to help cover her
out-of-state tuition costs.
She calls the AFA scholarship a "breath
of fresh air."
"It's crazy how much just a little bit of
financial help can assist you," she says.
Sewald previously studied agriculture at
Butler Community College in Kansas but
decided to switch career paths after obtaining
an associate's degree.
After she completes the certification next
spring, she plans to finish her bachelor's
degree and enter her field by 2018.
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Community service has been a pillar of
Maridi Folsom's high school experience. She
has volunteered as a counselor and kitchen
staffer at Camp STIX, a nonprofit that holds
a week-long camp for diabetic children.
Through her more recent work volunteering
for Spokane Valley Hospital, Folsom believes
she found her calling.
"I really felt close to my community," she
says. "It actually was there that I decided I
wanted to be a hospital administrator."
Growing up in a home with five children, Folsom's parents have always encouraged her to do her part. They want her to
pay for as much of her college education
as possible on her own, so she has applied
for various scholarships and is working to
earn money.
A senior at Freeman High School in
Rockford, Washington, Folsom says the AFA
scholarship will allow her to continue pursuing her love for community service.
She plans to attend Brigham Young
University in Idaho to study business management. She has also considered working as a manager for her father's fencing

Haley Jones' most defining characteristic
is her persistence to work toward earning and
achieving her goals.
Jones' mother embodied that ideal as a
single mom who worked full time while raising three children. "She never asked for help
but worked to obtain what she needed," Jones
wrote in her scholarship application.
Jones set out to be the first person in her
family to attend college. She worked toward
maintaining an outstanding academic record,
and along the way discovered the value in
serving others.
As a high school senior, Jones became president of her school's chapter of the National
Honor Society. She was also drum major for
the school band and received the Semper
Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence.
A student at the University of South
Carolina, Jones has maintained a 4.0 GPA
while also working. She is saving money to
transfer to Clemson University to study packaging science and engineering.
To donate to the AFA Education
Foundation, visit http://www.americanfenceassociation.com/education-foundation. ■

http://www.americanfenceassociation.com/education-foundation http://www.americanfenceassociation.com/education-foundation http://www.americanfenceassociation.com

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