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AFA's Member Savings Program is a free program that gives members immediate
access to a portfolio of 25+ vendor partner programs. Because affordable health
insurance coverage is a complex financial tool that requires sound advice, Member
Savings Program has partnered with JLBG Health. JLBG Health is a leading provider
of health insurance and employee benefit plans as well as a pioneer in the booming
consumer-driven health care marketplace through its industry leadership in offering
customized and affordable health insurance solutions.
JLBG Health currently serves over 3 million association members, over 150,000
individuals and is licensed in 46 states.
If you are a member but have not enrolled in the Member Savings Program,
please contact AFA's Dedicated Savings Consultant Dan Pramis at 603-628-2333 or
dpramis@savings4members.com. For more information on JLBG Health, call the
buying group hotline at 866-702-5152.

and the carrier manages the money needed
to pay claims.
Employers pay a monthly premium that
is the same every month, hence the term,
level funding, she says. This smooths out the
payment for all claims, even very expensive
ones, and then stop-loss insurance pays any
additional claims. If the program performs
better than expected, employers potentially
can get a check at the end of year.
They also pay less premiums overall
because they are not being charged community rates, which are determined by carriers by pooling an employer's workforce with
others in the local geographic area, Delavan
says. But if an employer can demonstrate
that their employees are healthier because
the company has lower claims, they can be
level funded.
"Contractors especially would benefit
from this, because they have a highly male
workforce, which tend to have lower claims
than the community with a lot of women
in their child-bearing years," she says.
"Moreover, workers at fence contracting
firms tend to be on their feet all day and
are typically healthier than the local population that sit at desks all day. They can be
underwritten based on their good health
and gender demographics, and that leads
me to believe they may have an advantage
compared to community rates."
As employers hire or lose workers, their
existing employees' health can dramatically change-and so employers can elect to
switch back into their carriers' community
rating, and then switch back to level funding in other years, Delavan says. Employers
should evaluate if their risk is low or high
each year at the plan anniversary to determine if they continue to be a good fit for

level funding or if there is an advantage to
going back into the community rated pool.

Employers can also reduce costs by
offering multiple healthcare plans to their
employees, so they are not overly insuring young healthy employees, she says.
Employers can give them a plan less rich in
benefits, but also less costly in premiums,
while they can offer other workers richer
plans if they are willing to pay higher premiums if they need more benefits.
"This will help give the right coverage to
different needs, but also offers all plans to
all employees for opportunity for choice,"
Delavan says.
More carriers are now providing their
own wellness programs, offering either premium credits, money toward health savings
accounts or reducing deductibles for employees engaging in wellness programs, she says.
"It's a way for carriers to pony up money to
get employees to engage in wellness, and an
opportunity to have the carrier to fund some
dollars to cover their medical care or reduce
premium costs for the employer depending
on the program," she says.
Employers can also introduce telemedicine programs to reduce waste, such as
trips to emergency rooms in the middle of
the night for non-life threatening issues,
Delavan says. With a telemedicine program,
employees can call or have a video chat with
a doctor, who can either write a prescription
or give treatment advice. That way, employers can potentially reduce the cost from an
emergency room claim that typically ranges
between $1,500 and $2,000, to a telemedicine claim that typically ranges from $50 to
$100-with most claims being around $50.
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"In many situations with non lifethreatening ailments employees can get
many of the same things done for a fraction of the cost and in the comfort of their
bed, home, office or car," she says. "Most
states allow telemedicine providers to call
in a prescription to a local pharmacy which
is great for field employees that may be far
from their home on a jobsite."
Derek M. Smith, chief operating officer at Rio Grande Fence Co. of Nashville
in Nashville, Tennessee, says that his firm
has been able to better manage its benefits
program by outsourcing the firm's human
resource functions to ADP TotalSource, a professional employer organization, or PEO. Rio
Grande provides a computer in its break room
for employees to access ADP's HR portal, and
an adjacent "red phone" that automatically
dials ADP's employee service center.
"After studying multiple options, I felt
most comfortable selecting a PEO, specifically ADP TotalSource, to administer our
HR department so that we could leverage
their 400,000+ employees and the buying power that comes with it," Smith says.
"There is no way we could offer industryleading benefits, especially healthcare, to
our team without the size of ADP doing
the shopping for us. We are able to offer
best-in-class benefits to our co-workers at
a small business budget."
By outsourcing with a PEO, Rio Grande
is able to offer its employees "highly
subsidized" health, dental and vision plans,
and pays 100 percent of life insurance with
$25,000 in potential payout, and long-term
disability after 180 days that pays 60 percent
of a worker's salary. The firm's 401(k) program offers a dollar for dollar match, up to
4 percent of an employee's income, and the
firm pays an annual bonus the week before
Christmas, increasing every year a person
is employed there.
"For AFA members that want first-class
benefits for their staff without having to hire
an in-house HR director, I would encourage
them to research a PEO solution, such as
ADP TotalSource," Smith says. "Beyond that,
I would encourage managers to get creative
with what your company offers that's unique
to you. While it's not a standard benefit,
we host some great events at our business
each year, such as our annual Fence Skills
Championship, Founders Day Breakfast,
President's Breakfast, and Christmas
Breakfast." ■


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