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One of the newest announcements coming
from Google deals with the impact of page
load speed on SEO rankings. As early as July
2018, Google will start tracking page speed
as a ranking factor in mobile search results.
In a world that revolves around the latest
smartphones and tablets, more and more
people are using mobile devices to search
for what they need. Having a mobile-friendly
website is more important than ever, given
the impact it has on your SEO results.
To be clear, this update will only have an
impact on pages that provide a slow experience on mobile devices. But, with as much
as 75 percent of searches being done on
mobile devices, you can't afford to ignore
this trend. As Google continues to stress
the importance of mobile, it's essential your
site is optimized for the mobile experience.

As current technology continues to
evolve, so does the need for more advanced
forms of online security. A big factor in 2018
will be the implementation of SSL certificates on websites. These certificates-previously reserved for websites that transferred
financial information and other sensitive
data-help protect data shared by users, and
Google wants to see them installed.


hen today's customers are
looking up products and
services, it's no secret Google
is the No. 1 option. Therefore,
it is easy to see why business
owners are desperately seeking the right
answers when trying to solve the mystery
of page one ranking on Google.
In 2018, more and more fence professionals will reap the benefits of their SEO efforts
by staying up-to-date on current trends.
Reaching your target audience relies on your
ability to produce relevant content and optimize your website based on current best
practices. Here are three trends to keep in
mind when setting up your SEO strategy.
Google has indicated they are taking SSL
into consideration when determining search
rankings. If you're struggling to compete in
search results in your area and don't have
SSL enabled, it could be causing you to fall
behind your competitors. We expect website
security to play an increased role in search
rankings as we move forward. Talk to your
website provider about getting an SSL certificate set up on your website in 2018.

SEO is an ever-evolving strategy that you
should attend to on a regular basis. Building
a successful SEO campaign requires attention to detail when tracking results and constant optimization of your website. There
are some general techniques you can take
advantage of that will show improved results
for your SEO campaigns this year.
Focus on the content you post on your
website. Is it optimized with relevant keywords to the services you provide? Use language your audience will understand and
is actually searching for. Google is looking
for high-quality content that is informative
and educational. When you create content
that helps readers complete a task or solve
a problem, this tends to rank higher in
search results.
Take advantage of link building. Link
building implies having external pages link
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to pages on your website. This is still one
of the most important factors in the eyes
of Google when determining search rankings. The more quality links that point to
your website, the better reputation your site
holds in Google's eyes. Google also takes
into account the source of your inbound
links. Just as a link from a reputable site
or organization can help your reputation,
spammy links can quickly ruin your standing with Google. Have your links come
from reputable sources and link to relevant
content on your website. Monitor the links
pointing to your website to make sure they
are not broken.
Staying in tune with these SEO trends
will help keep you ahead of the competition.
SEO campaigns can have a great ROI, but
avoid a "set it and forget it" approach. SEO
campaigns run best when the latest trends
are followed and implemented on your website. If you're looking to improve your SEO
strategy this year, give these tips a try. ■
Alain Parcan, director of marketing for Market
Hardware, Inc., contributed this article. Alain
brings nearly 10 years of experience in educating businesses so they can market themselves
more effectively. Market Hardware helps small
businesses compete on the Web and offers special discounts for AFA members. You can reach
Alain's team at 888-381-6925.

http://www.ISTOCK.COM/ILKERCELIK http://www.americanfenceassociation.com

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