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Florida Foundation for Architecture Stage Two: There are Many Voices in Space BY: WILLIAM J. HERCULES, FAIA The astronauts of the 1960s had a very unique perspective that few humans have had the opportunity to experience. But achieving that experience took vision, courage, investment, and interim successes. They didn't just wake up one day and decide to go out for a lunar spin. The political and social will of the U.S. was aligned and only 15 years removed from the end of WWII when that august vision was cast. Considerable financial and human capital was invested but, within a decade America had claimed success that no one since has accomplished. At the end of 2015, AIA Florida met just south of Cape Canaveral where the 3-stage rockets took experimental payloads, animals, and eventually men into space and finally to the moon. The purpose of rocket's first stage is to break through the atmosphere - the influence of the common everyday life - into another realm where the ship is capable of navigating itself into its main course. These stages illustrate the deliberate reinvention of the Florida Foundation for Architecture over the past few years. In late 2012, under Rick Logan's chairmanship, the profession was in the middle of a severe recession, and the Foundation was seriously questioning its value. By the middle of 2013, we had declared our intention to act on our purpose "to bring the relevance of architecture to the public." We deliberately re-invested some of the Foundation's latent assets back into ourselves in order to develop the infrastructure and programs that would clearly align with and actualize our purpose. Our web and social media presence was born in early 2014. We leveraged that to launch the People's Choice Awards in mid-2014 followed by the launch of the Open Door tour program - not having a clue what to expect. It turns out, the work of Florida architects is buzz-worthy on a global scale. So much so that we did it again last year. In 2015. 1.3-million votes from 120 countries, unsolicited media coverage, and tweets from celebrities like Pitbull, all testify that award-winning Florida architecture is relevant! Early in 2015, we acted on internal research and developed the Architects in Education program patterned after others across the U.S. Its purpose is to give integrative meaning to K-12 STEM Fourth grade students at Tallahassee's Desoto Trail Elementary School participate during a lesson presented by AIA Tallahassee member Erika Hagan, AIA, Principal at Hoy+Stark Architects. 20 www.aiafla.org http://www.aiafla.org

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Editorial / Diane D. Greer
Get to Know Your 2016 Board Officers
Driving Mr. Wright
Stage Two: There are Many Voices in Space
The Verandah House
Sarasota MOD 15
Moore Park Community Center
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Florida/Caribbean Architect - Winter 2016