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Leading Forestry y G Forward ray clouds hung thick and dark in the skies over Coastal Plywood Company in Havana on a late February morning. Despite the chill and gloom of the day, Debbie Bryant's smile was warm and sunny. As director of member services for the Florida Forestry Association, she is in charge of Forestry Forward, the Association's leadership development program, and was on her way to meet her newest class for the first time. "It's not a pretty day, but it's going to be a good one," she said as she strode toward the office, a cup of coffee in one hand and a box of papers in the other. "This Forestry Forward class has an exciting year ahead of them, and I'm ready to get it started!" Forestry Forward was launched in 2006. Since then, six classes have completed the one-year program. Members have access to meetings of the Association's Board of Directors and committees, as well as to legislative events, educational sessions, tours and unique networking opportunities. "The purpose of the program is really pretty simple," explained Bryant. "We want to provide our up-and-coming members a segue to future leadership roles in the Association. What better way to do that than to give them an opportunity not only to learn about all aspects of the industry but also to spend time with our current leaders?" Class VII consists of 10 members representing a cross-section of Florida's forest industry: from forestry consultants to a financial lender to employees of mills and landowners to land managers, this group offers a diversity of backgrounds and interests. One thing they have in common, however, is a desire to become more involved in their Association and their industry. "I knew I needed to be more proactive with the forestry community and with the Association," said class member Ray Sharp. "When I see all the benefits that we receive from FFA, especially as our watchdog in Tallahassee nd Ta Tallahassee and as an educational educatio tio ional reso resource for the public, I feel I should source for the o el give back what I can." ba h " Althoug Although the program continues hough am tinues to operate under the same concep rate under t concept as previous classes, this group's classes, e group' experience will be slightly different than their predecessors'. When FFA member David Hand stepped up to serve as the first volunteer coordinator, he brought with him his own From left: Bright Logan, John Dooner, Ret Tiner, David Hand, Emily Lowe, Franklin Van Aernam, Jr., Ray Sharpe, Donald Murphy. Not pictured: Daniel Hautamaki, Brett Matuszak and John Sabine. Donald Murphy and Bret Matuszak at FFA's regional membership meeting in Clay County. Florida Forests 11 Spring/Summer 2014

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Executive Outlook
Woman of the Year in Agriculture
Leading Forestry Forward
Advocating for You
Teamwork: The Forestry Community Develops the New Austin Cary Forest Learning Center
Snapshots: Membership Matters
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FLORIDAForests - Spring/Summer 2014