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regional transportation corridors to
provide connectivity and revitalize rural
communities; it identifies corridors
connecting Collier and Polk Counties
and Citrus and Jefferson Counties, to
be completed by the end of 2030.
Texting While Driving - HB 107
by Rep. Emily Slosberg; SB 76 by Sen.
Wilton Simpson
This legislation changes current
enforcement of the ban on texting while
driving from a secondary offense to a
primary offense, which will allow a law
enforcement officer to stop a vehicle
solely for texting while driving (effective July 1, 2019).
It also authorizes enforcement of a
ban on the use of handheld wireless
communications devices while operating a motor vehicle in a designated
school crossing, school zone, or active
work zone area as a primary offense
punishable as a moving violation. The
bill provides for enforcement only by
a warning from Oct. 1, 2019, through
Dec. 31, 2019, after which a person may
be issued a citation.
Florida Building Code
As filed, this bill quickly became
a priority issue for the Association to
oppose. The bill would have updated
the Florida Building code to require
that the entire envelope of a building

be constructed or rebuilt to be impact
resistant using only materials that are
"non-combustible" and have highwind resistance. This legislation never
received a committee hearing in either
This proposed legislation would
have required employers to use the
federal E-Verify system to verify
employment eligibility, which can be
an expensive and time-consuming
endeavor. The Association believes
immigration reform is a national issue
and should be dealt with at the federal level, rather than on a state-bystate basis.
Water Quality Improvements
An omnibus environmental regulation/water quality bill contained, in
part, the following provisions: codifying a septic to sewer grant program; requiring a septic remediation
plan where septic tanks account for
more than 20% of the loading to an
impaired water body; directing DEP
to adopt rules; creating a standing
Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)
on Biosolids; and adding additional
regulatory requirements, including
notification procedures for utilities in
the event of a sewage spill.
Advanced Well Stimulation
Legislation designed to ban fracking
and matrix acidization failed.

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Florida Forests 8 Spring/Summer
201911:16 PM

Hurricane Michael Relief: The state
legislature did not fund any programs to
assist agricultural or forest land owners
with replanting or clean up from the devastating impacts of Hurricane Michael. While
we understand the primary disaster assistance should come from the federal government, it is still extremely disappointing
that the legislature did not champion any
assistance to reduce wildfire threats or
assist these industries to get back on track.
We thank Ag Commissioner Nikki
Fried and the Florida Forest Service,
Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis,
Senators Bill Montford, George Gainer
and Doug Broxson, and Representatives
Loranne Ausley, Jay Trumbull and Brad
Drake for their efforts.
University of Florida/Institute of
Food and Agricultural Sciences: Within
the education silo of the budget, a significant shift in funding priority transferred
from Higher Education to K-12 education. The direct impact of the reprioritization included insufficient funding to
make UF/IFAS whole. Most importantly
to Association members, the legislature
didn't provide the funding for geomatics, horticulture or a tropical aquaculture
lab. These three programs were additions to the IFAS-based funding years
ago and were targeted by then-Governor
Rick Scott and vetoed. They have proved
challenging to get wrapped back into the
recurring UF/IFAS line. UF/IFAS also took
a reduction in their workload funding and
did not secure the full requested funding
for their STEM and 4H budget requests.
$4.9 M for helicopter replacement
$6.5 M for wildfire equipment
$4.4 M road and bridge repair and
$3.9 M for building repairs
$0 for the Rural and Family Lands Program.
Other budget items of note:
$50 M for springs restoration projects
$29 M for Florida Forever acquisitions
$10.8 M for the Blue-Green Algae Task
Force *

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FLORIDAForests - Spring/Summer 2019

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Executive Outlook
2019 Legislative Report
Forestry Day at the Capitol
Suppression Challenges in the Panhandle Confirmed
Timber Damage Further Quantified
Community Tree Recovery Program Regrows Panhandle Canopy
Project Learning Tree Brings the Forest to the Kids
Florida Agriculture in the Classroom
Forest Stewardship Program Builds on Partnership and COMMUNICATION
Products & Services Showcase
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