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FEATURE UST Owners & Operators: DON'T MISS THE TRAIN! All UST operators are required to meet new federal training requirements by Aug. 6, 2015. Here's what you need to know. By Amy Bell, WritePunch, Inc. Protecting Florida's Water In 1983, Florida was one of the first states in the country to pass legislation and adopt rules for underground and aboveground storage tank systems. Since then, more than 28,000 facilities have reported discharges of petroleum products from storage tank systems. Because Florida relies on groundwater for about 92 percent of the state's drinking water needs, the state enforces some of the most stringent rules in the nation. B ecause the Energy Policy Act of 2005 was passed by Congress, there are new federal training requirements for UST operators. This federal regulation establishes training requirements for the following classes of UST operators: * Class A - Individuals who have primary responsibility for on-site operation and maintenance of UST Systems (Owner or Operator of a UST facility) * Class B - Individuals who are responsible for daily on-site operation and maintenance of UST Systems * Class C - Daily on-site employees who are responsible for addressing emergencies presented by a spill or release from an UST System To comply with this federal mandate, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) has promulgated Rule 14 | View past issues of Petrogram online at 62-761.350 FAC. As a result of this change, all UST owners must have designated and trained operators before August 6, 2015. UST operators must complete a training program that meets the new Florida requirements. Additionally, certificates issued in other states will not be accepted after August 6. The FDEP is no longer accepting operator training from EPA Region 4 approved Operator Training programs. After UST operators have completed their training, the UST owner must print the certificate and keep it with the facility records for inspector verification. Florida regulations require UST facility owners/operators to ensure a visual inspection of all UST components is conducted monthly. Because Florida DEP inspectors are intensifying enforcement of this requirement, the Department will ask for documentation of these monthly inspections.

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Chair’s Perspective By Noel D. Hardy, FPMA Chair
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UST Owners & Operators: Don’t Miss the Train! By Amy Bell
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Member Spotlight Marci Fechter, Sales Manager Southeast Region, f’real foods
Making Hiring Decisions Using Social Media By Lourdes Espino Wydler, Esq.
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Petrogram - Spring 2015