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F l o r i da P e t r o l e u m m a r k e t e r s a n d C o n v e n i e n C e s t o r e a s s o C i at i o n | w w w. F P m a . o rg v o l u m e 3 2 , n o . 2 | s u m m e r 2016 learn. grow. ConneCt. the sunshine exPo returns July 29-aug. 1 with more opportunities for education and networking + exPeCt delays: Hurdles For emv at tHe PumP tHe Buzz on Beverages ada aCCessiBility

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Petrogram - Summer 2016

Chair’s Perspective
2016 Sunshine EXPO Preview
Industry Grapples with Concerns to Accommodate EMV at Fuel Islands
The Buzz on Beverages
Strategies in ADA Public Accessibility
9 Marketing Missing Links Costing You Revenue You Deserve
Calendar of Events
Index of Advertisers/

Petrogram - Summer 2016