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with a digital controller for each shelf. In
this way, items such as pizza slices and
chicken sandwiches that have different
ideal serving temperatures can be optimally held in the same unit.

Customers have come to expect
much more of convenience store food
offerings, and as such, convenience
stores expect much more of their
heating and refrigeration equipment.

their profits when they burn, overcook and
throw out hot food due to poor heated
merchandiser design.
"Imagine you have a 200-store chain and
are making sandwiches, but need a full,
hot display case to sell well," says McGrath.
"If you get typical 60- to 90-minute hold
times, you are throwing out an awful lot
of hot food due to spoilage."
The problem is that traditional open-air
heated merchandisers tend to place food
items directly on an aluminum hot plate,
where it is prone to burn or overcook.
Better models can extend hold time up to
four hours and keep food fresh by preventing direct contact with a hot plate.
In the case of Creative Serving's Infinity
Series of heated merchandisers, this
involves radiant heating in an enclosed unit
with a riser system. Sandwiching an aluminum plate between the shelf surface and

the heating element enables left-to-right,
front-to-back heat transfer underneath,
which spreads and then rises. Removable,
aerated serving trays allow better airflow
for extended product life in the warmer.
By sandwiching aluminum between
stainless steel, this design takes advantage
of aluminum's excellent heat transfer properties while also retaining the longevity
and ease of cleaning of stainless steel.
Another strategy incorporated in the
Infinity Series as an option extends holding time and saves energy further with the
use of mirrored rear panels. These reflect
heat back into the serving area, yet allow
behind-the-counter staff to prepare, place
and store food items for customers to "grab
and go" as needed.
To enable precise temperature control on the widest range of foods, more
advanced heated merchandisers come


Mini Heated Merchandisers
Traditionally, heated merchandisers
small enough to be placed near the register to encourage last-second impulse buys
have been underpowered, often using just
static heat from a single heating element
and a light bulb.
More advanced options such as Creative
Serving's 12- or 16-inch wide mini heated
merchandisers sport three shelves, operate
on convection and can reach temperatures
up to 200 F - enough to hold food safely
at HACCP serving temperatures. The unit's
aerated shelves also allow for better heated
airflow that extends food product life.
When it comes to showcasing cookies, small heated merchandisers can also
deliver a competitive edge. While some
fast food chains now offer cookies in display cases at the register, they are typically
served at room temperature. A display
case with a digital controller can be set
to the ideal temperature so cookies can
be served just like mom makes them, hot
out of the oven.

Refrigerated Countertop Units
To accompany hot food and coffee
purchases, refrigerated countertop units
dispense a wide assortment of toppings,
condiments and even creamers that allow
patrons to customize products to their individual tastes. The refrigerated units must
not only keep the items at a safe temperature but also enable patrons to quickly add
their preferred topping or flavoring and get
out the door with minimal hassle or mess.

Cool Your Condiments
Toppings and condiments can
quickly spoil, make a mess and even
cross-contaminate if not properly refrigerated, contained and dispensed.
Whether for hot dogs or hot or cold sandwiches, there are now refrigerated units
that can better contain and dispense a full
range of toppings such as salsa, guacamole,


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