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feature TERMITE Pretreatment for New Home Construction Rising By Gail Allyn Short D empsey "D.R." Sapp, Jr., and his family had operated Florida Pest Control and Chemical Company, based in Gainesville, for more than 50 years in the early 2000s when home construction in the state was surging. His organization offered termite pretreatment services to Florida's home construction industry and business, in his words, "was booming." But by the mid-2000s, the housing market began to nosedive 14 January | February 2016 and the number of builders calling for termite pretreatment services also dropped sharply. His revenues from termite pretreatment services for new home construction stood at $2.4 million in 2006, but by the next year, they had dropped to just $1.7 million, he says. Two years later, demand for the service dwindled down to zero, he says. "When the recession hit, there were so many foreclosures, it was incredible," he says. "As the old saying goes, sometimes you have to adjust your sails to the wind, and we certainly had to do that. So, we just had to try to find other things for our people to do, which we were pretty successful at. We didn't have any layoffs." Today the housing market in Florida and around the nation is slowly rebounding, and Sapp says home builders are starting to call him again for termite pretreatment services. |

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Termite Pretreatment for New Home Construction Rising
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Pest Perspectives - January/February 2016