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sunshine spotlight Anne-Marie Tulp: Staying Small, Loving It W hen Anne-Marie Tulp and her husband Michael started Adam's Pest Control in 1990, people often asked if she worked for him. "In the beginning people said it a lot. 'Oh, you work for him? Oh, you're his secretary?'" she recalled. "I'd say no, he works for me...I would put the kabosh on that." She's president and he's an entomologist and together the Port St. Lucie-based company they named after their son is exactly what she envisioned 24 years ago. "We started the business from the ground floor up. We both had big jobs in New York so our focus was to come down here and start small," she said. "Our first priority wasn't about making a bunch of money and being this big company. It was about raising ® a half years as the director for Region 13. After being a chair for a Summer Conference, she wanted to get more seriously involved. She's currently Treasurer, and by 2017, Anne-Marie Tulp will eventually become the 70th president and third female president in FPMA's history. "I'm looking forward to it!" she said. "When I came to Executive Committee last January as Secretary, all the guys on the committee have been very welcoming. They've been very receptive to all my questions and challenges. They're a great group of guys and it's been a great experience." Anne-Marie Tulp said being a female in pest control has changed a lot over the past 24 years. Out of their dozen employees, three are female technicians. At national meetings, she said, there used to be very few women in the room, but now they need extra chairs. "It's a real positive thing. A service business is a service business no matter what product you're offering or what gender you are. All businesses are generally run the same. You're providing a service and you're hopefully out to make a profit, and you want to do the best job you can for your client." our son and having a healthy home and in turn, doing the right thing for other people who are like-minded." The foundation of the company is in their tagline, "Environmentally Aware since 1990." From the start, Adam's has been serious about providing a safe environment and protecting their customers, children and pets. "In the past five or six years, everybody is talking about being green, so we're saying we've been aware of the environment and the issues since we started," she explained. "That's always been on our forefront and how we handled our business. We're not jumping on the green bandwagon." She became involved with FPMA first as a member and then as a treasurer for her region for a couple of years. Later, she spent two and Pesticides & Fertilizers A diverse selection of major pesticide and off patent brands Free delivery in west and central Florida with minimum order $50 per pallet freight to east and south Florida Knowledgeable local and in house salespeople In Memoriam Please join the FPMA family in expressing condolences to FPMA Treasurer Anne-Marie Tulp on the recent passing o her mother, Roberta McQuillan. Southern Agricultural Insecticides, Inc. 18 March | April 2014 645930_Southern.indd 1 | 27/06/13 4:53 AM

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