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By Tom Kuennen I n January, over 12,000 transportation professionals from around the world came to Washington, D.C. for the 94th annual meeting of the Transportation Research Board, and FP2 was there. FP2 took the opportunity of TRB to hold its first board of directors meeting of the year, and participated in planning meetings for research in pavement preservation. FP2 distributed brochures - and copies Bill Oliva, Wisconsin DOT, and John O'Doherty, National Center for Pavement Preservation of this magazine - at a large, official exposition which has grown up with TRB in recent years. With the participation of Williams & Jensen, FP2's representation in the halls of Congress, delegates with an interest in pavement preservation journeyed to Capitol Hill to lobby elected representatives on the benefits of pavement preservation, and the need for a long-term surface transportation Everett Crews, MeadWestvaco, and Maela Samson, EmulBitume (France) Mike O'Leary, MeadWestvaco, Dale Decker, Dale S. Decker LLC, and Jim Moulthrop, FP2 Inc. executive director Rod Birdsall, All States Materials Group and FP2 president, and Glenn Engstrom, MinnDOT reauthorization which would include enhanced funding for surface transportation, and the principles of pavement preservation. A highlight of TRB week is FP2's hospitality suite, in which the foundation hosts researchers, public works officials, and stakeholders with an interest in asset management and pavement preservation. Here's a selection of photos of visitors to FP2's suite. Are you among them?  Mike Krissoff, ARRA-AEMA-ISSA, and Scott Bergkamp, Bergkamp Inc. Roger Olson, MinnDOT, Larry Galehouse, National Center for Pavement Preservation, and Jean-Claude Roffé, Colas S.A., France Spring 2015 pavement preservation journal 19 HOW FP2 WORKS FOR YOU FP2 at TRB

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President’s Message
Hot, Cold In-Place Recycling Gets Boost at Western States Conference
Fort Collins HIR Project Provides Delegates with Up-Close Look
NCAT Reports 2012 Cycle Results, 2015 Preservation Activities
New Congress Means New Push Toward Reauthorization
FP² at TRB
Pavement Preservation in Spotlight at World of Asphalt 2015 in March
Control Potholes by Sealing Cracks, Joints in Advance
‘Thinlay’ Asphalt Overlays Next Word in Pavement Preservation
Texas Considers Ultra-Thin HMA Alternatives to Seal Coats
Thin Overlays Can Preserve Pavements as Well as Reduce Surface Noise
In California, Scrub Seals Gain Favor for Cost, Crack Sealing
IGGA Recognizes Leaders in Grooving, Grinding
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Pavement Preservation Journal - Spring 2015