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In Nevada, Cold In-Place Recycling Preserves I-80 By Dan Brown ROADTEC, INC. C Following milling machine in downcutting mode, water truck moves in advance of recycling unit on I-80 cold in-place recycle project. IR—or cold-in-place recycling—refers to the practice of milling an asphalt pavement, then processing the material in a mobile recycling machine that crushes, sizes, rejuvenates and repaves the pavement, all in one pass. “Our performance of CIR has been excellent,” said Darin Tedford, assistant chief materials engineer with Nevada DOT. “We have done more than 50 projects with CIR, and we’ve had minimal issues with construction and minimal failures.” He said the main benefit of CIR is to eliminate thermal or fatigue cracking of the asphalt. “We try not to spend our small bank account on reconstructing any A Clean Sweep Year Round The Broom Source for Street Sweeping, Road Building and Runway Sweeping 800-851-5108 U.S.A 38 it d t 800-463-6292 Canada View past issues of the Pavement Preservation Journal online at 637751_United.indd 1 17/04/13 6:22 AM

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President’s Message
‘Thinning Up’ Concrete Overlays for Pavement Preservation
IGGA: After Five Years, Colorado CPR Project Holds Strong
Joint Meeting Brings ARRA, ISSA, AEMA to California Desert
At NCAT Preservation Study, Performance Clues Emerge
Integrated System Keeps Fort Collins ‘Asset Smart’
New Alaska Database Aids Treatment Selection
GPR, FWD Analyze Airfi eld Pavements in South Carolina
TPPC: In Texas, Fog Seals Should Last 18 Months
Caution Due in Using MC-30 as Prime Coat
In Nevada, Cold Recycling Preserves I-80
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Pavement Preservation Journal - Summer 2013