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avement A PUBLICATION OF FP2 INC. preservation journal SUMMER 2015 PPRS PARIS 2015 Charleston County Wins Sorenson Award Fog Seals in Georgia

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Pavement Preservation Journal - Summer 2015

President’s Message
Pavement Preservation World Convenes at PPRS Paris 2015
PPRS Paris: ARRA, AEMA and ISSA Meet at Same Venue
Superior Program Earns FP2 Award for Charleston County
Focus on Preservation at NCAT Pavement Test Track Meeting
Preservation Paramount at Record World of Asphalt
Under Traffic, Rejuvenating Fog Seal Preserves I-475
New Cold Milling Rules will Reduce Respirable Silica
Revised Recycling Manual Now Available from ARRA
San Diego County Preservation Work Wins ISSA’s Top Award
Report: Enhancer Provides Antistrip Performance in Adverse Conditions
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Pavement Preservation Journal - Summer 2015