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R E T A I L T R E N D S Into the Omnichannel World C by Michael Sansolo ompetition is an endlessly changing challenge. The only difference in 2015 is that competition, like everything else, seems more complex than ever with challenges coming in more ways and from more directions. There is an easy way to think about competition: simply reflect on this recent winter. If you were lucky, you avoided the flu. If you weren't lucky, you got it. Even those of us who got the flu shot still might have gotten the flu itself. 50 | SPRING|SUMMER 2015 And even if we get flu shots every year, we all know we'll have to do the same next autumn. That's because he flu virus evolves every year. No matter how good or effective the vaccine, the next year the flu strain will be different. So last year's vaccine no longer works. That's exactly the way it is with competition. No matter how good your current operation is, recognize that things are going to change. Consumer needs, tastes and fashions shift. So what was successful - even unbeatable - can suddenly become very vulnerable . And with frightening speed. In 2015, the competitive picture facing all parts of retail is a staggering mix of both the old and the new. More than ever the industry needs tight, efficient operations that keep costs low. Plus, retailers need a special edge that gives shoppers a reason to select any store over the many other choices they have.

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Food Shippers of America - Spring/Summer 2015

President’s Letter
Intermodal Challenges
Pain on the Train
Transportation Funding Preview
The Real Key to the Driver Shortage – Creating a Better Environment for Drivers
Starting Over
FSA’s Annual Conference
Industry Forecast
Retail Trends
Cleaning Up Aisle 6
How Are Honeybees Doing?
Capturing Talent
A Traffic Jam Model of Leadership
Afraid to Admit That You Don’t Understand Social Media?
FSA Members
Index of Advertisers

Food Shippers of America - Spring/Summer 2015