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F E A T U R E A Traffic Jam Model of Leadership The commonalities between good drivers and good leaders by Burt Reynolds, MBS, CCSP L eadership is one of those subjects on which everyone has an opinion; ask 10 people and get 11 different answers. Every leader has his or her own way to define the subject and every manager and supervisor searches those definitions to find one they can understand and interpret for themselves. However, if you are a front-line supervisor, you may not speak the same language as your president; therefore, his or her personal account of leadership might not work for you. As a result, you are left searching other definitions and trying to determine whether you have These categories may be indicative of your role in your organization. Think about those same questions phrased in a business context: 1.  you the employee who finds that Are one job and stays there throughout your career? 2.  you the employee who Are pressures colleagues, thinking that will make them move faster? 3.  you the employee who quickly Are moves from job to job or from project to project, thinking that will help you get to the top faster? 4.  are you the employee who Or, observes the current situation and uses that information to make strategic decisions? what it takes to become an effective leader. Good drivers (and good leaders) are strategic in their decision making. Since most of us drive vehicles, the next time you are behind the wheel, put yourself in one of four categories: Good leaders watch the road ahead and anticipate. I don't mean the car in front, I mean two cars ahead, three cars, to the next hill or the horizon - as far down the road as they can see. The car directly in front of them is still in their line of sight, and the good leader can 1.  you the driver who gets in one Are lane and stays there for the duration of your trip? 66 | SPRING|SUMMER 2015 2.  you the driver who rides the Are bumper of the car in front of you? 3.  you the driver who weaves in Are and out of traffic? 4.  are you the driver who reads the Or, other cars on the road and makes strategic decisions?

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President’s Letter
Intermodal Challenges
Pain on the Train
Transportation Funding Preview
The Real Key to the Driver Shortage – Creating a Better Environment for Drivers
Starting Over
FSA’s Annual Conference
Industry Forecast
Retail Trends
Cleaning Up Aisle 6
How Are Honeybees Doing?
Capturing Talent
A Traffic Jam Model of Leadership
Afraid to Admit That You Don’t Understand Social Media?
FSA Members
Index of Advertisers

Food Shippers of America - Spring/Summer 2015