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S a LeS a ND M a rK e t IN G c O u N cIL THe NeW Breed OF TOdAY'S deSigN CeNTeRS By Barbara Heil-Sonneck unlimited access to information and choices has changed client behavior and expectations in the home building world. People want homes that are meaningful and reflect their lifestyle, not necessarily that of their neighbors. Keeping up with the Jones's is over. Quality, function, and beauty prevail. The internet - with resources like Pinterest and Houzz - have changed what buyers are looking for and expecting when purchasing new homes. The new breed of today's design centers are catering to this demand allowing for a seamless customer experience with vignette setting of options to choose. The purpose is to find inspiration and unique design to bring to homeowners. 26 suMMer 2016 | AtlAntA Building news All this is also requiring a new skill set of designers who need to be a mix of design and sales force, a trend we see in other industries as well. It's necessary to not only excel in the subject matter, but also incorporate the skillset of listening to client needs so you can convert the dream home desire into reality and provide upgrade opportunities. Today's clients - and Millennials especially - are doing research in advance and arriving well prepared to their design sessions. However the virtual world only allows them to go so far. The final call is still the see, feel and touch. The design center is a place where clients can find a way to make sense of all the design choices out there. The whole process can still be pretty overwhelming. The design team is targeted to make it an as easy as possible process for the client, cutting it into three to four digestible sessions for the client to make selections for their future dream home. So should every builder have a design center? It all depends on the target market and the audience and their expectations. Right now, luxury builders have jumped on this bandwagon. Spec builders with limited options and selections stick to the more traditional concept of simple choices showcasing their selection in an area of their sales centers. But there are new "common" design centers offering

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EARTHCRAFT: Spreading the Green Building Gospel
EDUCATION: Meet Our New Education Manager
BOOKSTORE: Residential Construction Performance Guildelines
HOMEAID ATLANTA: Spring Brings New Life and New Projects to Help Rebuild Lives through HomeAid Atlanta
LEGAL CORNER: A One-Year Warranty Period is not a One-Year Statute of Limitation
55+ HOUSING COUNCIL: The Single Female Homebuyer
SALES AND MARKETING COUNCIL: The New Breed of Today's Design Centers
REMODELER’S COUNCIL: Effectively Market Your Business
PWB ATLANTA CHAPTER: Two PWB Atlanta Members Lift Up Homes for Heroes®
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