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E a RT HcR a F T EarthCraft PrEsErvEs History and Creates Efficiency By Bourke Reeve, Project Manager, Commercial Sustainability Services, Southface the earthCraft program, in partnership with the Greater Atlanta Home Builder's Association, started as a new construction, single‑family home certification system designed to improve durability, efficiency and home health in residential building stock across the Southeast. Over the years, EarthCraft has grown to include multifamily, renovation and even light commercial projects. Southface and the Georgia Trust saw an opportunity to expand into the historic preservation market. Through this recognition, EarthCraft Sustainable Preservation (ECSP) was created. One of the most recognized environmental benefits of 20 FAll 2016 | AtlAntA Building news rehabilitation is its role in retaining the embodied energy contained in the materials of buildings which are already constructed. This embodied energy represents the energy costs inherent in building materials such as brick, concrete, wood, slate, plaster and other materials that have been previously extracted and manufactured, transported to the building site and installed. Demolishing historic buildings and hauling these materials to a landfill disposes the energy that went in to the original construction. In addition to their embodied energy, historic buildings often possess other features which are inherently sustainable. These may include proximity to transit systems, walkable neighborhoods and access to amenities like shopping, entertainment and educational facilities. "The energy savings represented by the conservation of walkable neighborhoods is incalculable and often overlooked," said Mark McDonald, president and CEO of The Georgia Trust. While materials and location are two of the most sustainable features of much of our region's older building stock, historic structures can also present unique challenges.

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