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President’sMessage Ever Stronger By Richard A. Dykes, GHCA President Dear Members, I n the past six months since the last printing of this magazine, your association has been very busy working on your behalf. We continue to have a direct impact on key issues at both the agency and legislative levels. Our working relationship with the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) remains strong as we have jointly tackled issues surrounding construction, bidding, payment, utilities, disadvantaged business enterprises, and funding. Our committees, which are staffed by you, our members, have been very active and successful in negotiating specifications and policies that are positive for both GDOT and the industry. It is critical that we, as an organization, continue to stay involved and you, the members, continue to participate with us. As you are aware, our committees are open to any member wishing to roll up their sleeves and actively participate. These committees are also a great way for members to get to know others in the industry. As you know, one of our past focuses was on the TSPLOST. The measure was accepted in three regions, and the association has been working closely with GDOT to issue the successful delivery of the projects in those regions. The first of the TSPLOST projects will be hitting the GDOT lettings this year with others following over the next nine years. This is only a beginning of what is needed in Georgia to fund our transportation system. This association continues to be the loudest local voice pressing for new funding solutions at both the state and federal level. GHCA continues to be the advocate and watchdog at the gold dome. During the 2013 session, we were responsible, through teaming with GDOT, for the passage of SB70 which was a needed change to the Design/Build statute to allow for One Step Low Bid, Two Step Low Bid, and Two Step Best Value procurements for certain complex GDOT projects. This legislation was crafted with the help of representatives from large and small contractors from both north and south Georgia. These contractors represented all different types of road and bridge construction, ensuring a diverse view while working with GDOT on the legislation. This is another example of our committees at work. Over the next year, it is very important that we continue to grow the Association. We need you to reach out to your subcontractors and suppliers and encourage them to join our team. We are a strong association and with your help will continue to grow ever stronger. ● Sincerely, Ricky Reach out to your subcontractors and suppliers and encourage them to join our team. We are a strong association and with your help will continue to grow ever stronger. SPRING/SUMMER 2013 GEORGIA TRANSPORTATION BUILDER | 7

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