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News & Notes Carroll Recognized with GHCA Lifetime Achievement Award The GHCA is proud to announce that C. Arland Carroll is the 2014 recipient of the GHCA Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is the highest honor a member can receive and celebrates the commitment the recipient has made to the GHCA and Georgia's road and bridge building industry over the course of an entire career. Arland was born in Helena, Ala., and graduated from Shelby County High School, going on to graduate with a degree in civil engineering from the University of Alabama in 1964. He then served eight years in the Alabama National Guard. Arland began Carroll & Carroll Inc. in 1985, and the company continues today under the leadership of Mr. Carroll's daughter, Sheri. Arland has provided leadership to GHCA for over 30 years. He served as a board member and vice president and then president from 1998 to 2000. He also served on the GAPA Board as a board member and later as vice president. Due in large part to his individual leadership efforts, the GHCA has grown into a very strong and successful trade association. GHCA continues to be the leader among all other organizations in dealing with Georgia's transportation infrastructure. Through this award, the Board of Directors of GHCA recognizes the longstanding support of C. Arland Carroll to the association and expresses its sincere appreciation on behalf of all its members. Congratulations, Arland! ● "Dig Bill" a Big Win for Industry, GHCA SB 117-the "Dig Bill"-was a big win for us at the state capitol this year. The bill revises Georgia's laws regarding the marking of utility locations and the excavations conducted around the utilities. The bill is a practical revision allowing for commonsense regulation of excavation without unduly burdening the contracting community. Here are the provisions of SB 117 that will be most beneficial to our industry: The Dig Bill modernizes the term "excavating" to more accurately reflect real-world practices. It clarifies that routine road maintenance activities are not excavating. It further modernizes the description of methods-such as handdigging-to be used where conventional mechanical excavation risks utility damage. The Dig Bill shortens response time to locate requests by a full day. Previously, the law allowed the utility to delay initiating a response to the second business day after the locate request, resulting in delays up to four days. Response must now begin the next business day after the request, avoiding costly excavation delays! In an effort to protect the contractor, the Dig Bill eliminates the risk that a contractor could lose a state license for isolated violations of the utility marking and excavation rules. The bill also protects contractors that excavate in good faith on a public road but damage utility lines that were not visible or properly marked. SB 117 clarifies that that facility owners who do not comply with the utility marking procedures are liable for costs and contractor downtime caused by their negligence. We are very appreciative to Senator Rick Jeffares (R-17) for his leadership in perfecting this bill and getting it through the process. SB 117 was signed by the governor on April 24, and we look forward to its implementation. ● Seventh Annual GAPA Clay Pigeon Shoot Way back in October, GAPA contractor and associate members and guests made their seventh annual pilgrimage to the Pig Palace in Cochran, Ga., for our annual Clay Pigeon Shoot. After the board meeting and lunch, members and guests of the Georgia Asphalt Pavement Association banded together into 12 well-armed teams. When the hail of fiery lead and falling clay was over, Wayne Ewing and Jack Priest stood above all others and claimed the prize: the Iron Skillet Trophy and two iron skillets all their own. ● SPRING/SUMMER 2014 GEORGIA TRANSPORTATION BUILDER | 9

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