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President’sMessage Members—in Voice and Action By Richard A. Dykes, GHCA President Dear Members, I t’s hard to believe that three quarters of 2013 is already behind us. If you’re like me, you likely have a few items that still haven’t been checked off your “to do this year” list. Procrastination is easy for most of us, but putting important things off until the last minute usually results in less than optimum results. So is letting someone else do it for you. You may not get what you really wanted. If one of your “to do” items was to become a member of Georgia Highway Contractors Association, there is still time to add that check mark. If you are already a member, but haven’t been involved as you could, there’s still time for that as well. Every company working in any segment of the transportation industry in Georgia has experts in their respective fields. Each of these experts knows what is needed to make their businesses operate more efficiently and profitably. Are all these experts sharing their concerns and/or successes with others for the benefit of the entire industry? We know they aren’t. Every past president of this association has expressed to me the same major concern I’ve had. We need more members—not just in name, but in voice and action! As with almost every organization, a few “horses” pull the wagon. And we all know “horses” need to rotate from the lead in order to continue working. New members becoming involved in the leadership of our association will continue the vitality of the team and allow us to continue succeeding in the future. Our current DOT staff and board are the most responsive and cooperative we’ve had in many years. They are consistently open and responsive to questions and concerns from our contractors. I truly appreciate the inclusion of our members in the policy and decision making process. One example is the continued development of design build. Our Design/Build Committee is made up of contractors from around the state representing different sizes and types of expertise. Our continued partnership with GDOT has allowed the process to be developed in a manner that includes all types of contractors and project types. As this project delivery method is rolled out we will continue to refine the process with GDOT to make sure our diverse group of contractors continue to have opportunities to work in Georgia. Serving as president of GHCA has been a wonderful experience for me as I’ve had the pleasure of becoming better acquainted with many of you. I am sincerely grateful for your encouragement and appreciate your commitment to the association. It has also been a joy to work with our Director, David Moellering. He and many of the members work diligently to stay abreast of legislation affecting our industry. It is imperative that we all keep in direct contact with our elected officials at all levels. I urge all to become or stay involved with the leadership that guides decisions impacting our companies and the infrastructure of our state. ● Keep on workin’, Ricky We need more members—not just in name, but in voice and action! FALL/WINTER 2013 GEORGIA TRANSPORTATION BUILDER | 9

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Georgia Transportation Builder - Fall/Winter 2013