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AFFIlIATe PROFIle keepIng up WIth eveRYthIng that Moves Now 135, HunterMaclean hangs its transportation hat on experience and expertise. by Lyle Fitzsimmons The firm responded to changing dynamics in the transportation space two years ago when it created a dedicated logistics practice whose mission is to assist clients by gathering the varied expertise needed by a typical transportation business under the auspices of a single practice. I if iT 's in Georgia and it moves, chances are pretty good that it knows HunterMaclean. The firm - which operates from offices in the coastal cities of Savannah and Brunswick - celebrated 135 years in business in 2014, and has spent much of that time serving the legal needs of companies at every stop on the nation's evolving transportation continuum. "I find it very interesting that in 1903, the firm's admiralty lawyers represented a London-based protection and indemnity club, and that we still represent that club today - as well as other P&I clubs from around the world," said Brad Harmon, who joined HunterMaclean in 2006 and now oversees its transportation and logistics group. "Over its history, the firm has represented ocean carriers, railroads, motor carriers and aerospace manufacturers. "Transportation is an important part of the firm's identity and one of its strengths." Indeed, the importance of Savannah's port played a significant role in the firm's founding in 1879, and the city's evolution across parts of three centuries has prompted HunterMaclean to work not only with transportation interests, but also in other disciplines that emerged as the area and its needs grew. Its earliest clients, in fact, were shippers, carriers, warehouses, banks and railroads. The firm these days maintains practices in maritime, transportation and logistics, in addition to more than 30 others newer focuses - including employment, information technology, intellectual property, zoning and land use, environmental law and immigration. Its business litigation practice also handles transportation matters. And while corporate attorneys manage complex business transactions, business sales, start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, and business successions, specialized tax attorneys are responsible for increasingly complex corporate taxation issues. A roster of 46 attorneys, 12 paralegals and 48 support staff members work out of the Savannah and Brunswick offices, and the firm's reach not only extends across Georgia and regionally throughout the Southeast, but also throughout the country and, in some specific practices, across borders to work with international clients. The most typical client, according to Harmon, is a business owner and operator affiliated with either a regional or a national motor carrier. V i ew T ru x o n l i n e a t w w w . n a y l o r n e t w o r k . c o m / g m t - n x t | S p r i n g 2015 | 21

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