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> YOur DATA TEllS YOu WHAT MEMbErS WAnT; USE IT BY kELLY DONOvAN CLARk 17 Winter 15 YOU MAY HAvE noticed that when surfing the Web or checking your Facebook news feed, the ads that appear in the margins of your browser are eerily on-target. How does Google know

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Connections - Winter 2015

Message from the Chair
GSAE News & Events
New Members
Improve Outcomes with Data-Driven Decisions
Member Surveys: Getting Back to Basics
Your Data Tells You What Members Want; Use It
Hacking for Your Mission
GSAE Presents Annual Awards
GSAE events
Destination Planner: Meet Charleston
Choices: The Data Are In?
Index of Advertisers

Connections - Winter 2015