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> Take AIM How to Implement a Successful Communications Plan in 2016 BY JILL ANDREU RESULTS OF NAYLOR ASSOCIATION SOLUTIONS' 2015 Association Communication Benchmarking Report suggest that while associations are making great strides in their fight for member engagement, they still struggle with content relevancy, communication integration and using data advantageously to learn more about their members. And while staffing has increased slightly, it does not seem to be increasing sufficiently to handle the ever-increasing communication workload at today's association. With so many association initiatives tied to communication staff, creating and executing a formal and fully integrated strategy can be a daunting task. 14 Winter 2016 But it doesn't have to be if you implement a simple Take AIM (Assess, Integrate, Measure) approach. ASSESS To build better content and greater engagement, you must start by asking what members want and why. Assessment through surveys and face-to-face interaction is a very basic content strategy step, yet it is often overlooked. In an alreadycluttered communication space, associations fear they're asking too much of members and don't want to add a survey request that requires a decent bit of time and attention. But with communications strategy in a membership-based organization, how can you give members what they want if you don't ask? Remember, members live and work in the industry every day and are your best subject matter experts. Administering a survey also involves them in your process, giving them a real sense of association ownership. Take a closer look at who your stakeholders are and what they are telling you - and what they're not - to uncover areas for improvement and set your goals. Members, staff and advertisers are all stakeholders when it comes to an association's communications program. An assessment that takes all these audiences into consideration can provide your team with an opportunity to

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Georgia Poultry Federation Goes All In with Avian Flu Communications
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Connections - Winter 2016