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> Promoting and Leveraging Your Meeting Content BY PHIL FORTE, BLUE SKY BROADCAST TIGHT BUDGETS AND growing competition are prompting everyone, but associations in particular, to squeeze extra value out of their conferences. Web-based libraries of digitized abstracts and recorded sessions are dramatic value enhancers for members. As we'll see, they yield many other benefits, too. The Evolving Event: Changing Success Metrics An important first step in developing a plan to leverage your meeting content is for your entire team to achieve buy-in on the premise that your conference content has value beyond the actual show. Once this occurs, it allows you to create a plan to efficiently cultivate a tradition that will benefit both the live and virtual audiences. Traditionally, when a presenter is selected for a particular presentation, the audience size is limited to the size of the meeting room. Now, that presentation can be delivered to a significantly broader audience. You may have heard of the term "website impressions," which indicates the number of times a website ad was viewed or delivered. Presentation "impressions" can now be expanded beyond the four walls of the meeting room and include non-attending members, as well as potential members who find value in your content. Even though a meeting has 100 attendees in the room, that presentation can be delivered as part of an online e-newsletter or an e-learning module. As a result, it is possible to multiply the presentation "impressions" by a factor of 10. A few years ago, the American Institute of Architects set out to expand the conference participation of their event and was highly successful. Kevin Novak, vice president of new business development and digital strategies, saw a dramatic increase in involvement. "We streamed 14 general and other sessions resulting in 2,200 onsite participants and more than 17,000 virtual participants. Our actions have resulted in the most positive feedback from the membership on any initiative in the recent memory of the organization," he said. This initiative allowed AIA to grow its session's participation rate by a whopping 672 percent! The American Association of Orthodontists has become very effective at managing its spoken word knowledge. AAO captures sessions from their live meetings and webinar series and has built an impressive content library that is only available for members. This content can't be "Googled" and provides a significant value of membership. Anita Craig, director of education and membership, explains, "Educational membership benefits have become increasingly valued by member doctors and their orthodontic staff teams. (We) provide continuing education through recording of conference sessions, an online distance learning program and webinars. We consider these products, as well as our live conferences, as the core of AAO's continuing education. The convenience these products have provided add value and CEUs for our members who increasingly take advantage of the any-time, anyplace access." Creating a Content Lifecycle is Not a New Idea I am a member of several associations and look forward to participating at each group's annual meeting. However, many times I realize the show will occur during a time or place that makes it impossible for me to attend. Some organizations do not offer an alternative way to participate and learn from the event, so either you attend the conference in person or miss out on the opportunity all together. Other groups, such as the sports industry, deliver connections 17

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