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> choices With All Due Respect, Let Us Speak BY JOHN P. HARRISON, CAE, CMP THIS IS A column I'm not supposed to write, and you're not supposed to read. For you see, I speak here of politics, sex and religion. The three great taboos that we're not to talk about in today's world of censored conversation. I'm not surprised really, that there are- or were, depending on the shape of today's headlines- personalities drawing crowds in politics because of their ability to rail against the current ethos of non-speak about certain topics. I'm not sure which is unhealthier: the non-speak or the brash speak. In any case, let's speak about it. First, politics. Once upon a time, our politicians were pretty much of the same demographic ilk. That was bad in that we missed diverse ideas, but at least we paid attention to ideas. Now, it's identity politics. People vote for "their" person. (What's the Chicago line, "Hey, we know he's a crook, but he's our crook"?) Instead of voting for the person with the most proven policy ideas, we just vote for "our guy." How stupid is that? I've lived in countries with three or four official languages, and while that sounds clever and inclusive, it serves to divide and stratify the population-not to mention the cost. Pick a language, whichever one makes the most sense, and let's all just deal with it. We ultimately seek common values. It's the old "melting pot" versus the "mosaic" political assumption. And here's a political assumption that needs to be examined: victims aren't always thus. In today's world we have crybullies. Now these would be those who seek profit they do not earn from some political situation which may have been long ago. I'm sure the connections 29

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